Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Mommy's Little Shopper

It started out a great day. I told Maddie that we were going to the gym, and she told me that she would rather go to the mall. Music to my ears, I tell you. This was the day I had been dreaming about. She decided that since she was a big girl, she needed to carry her purse. With 2 tubes of princess lip gloss and a hand mirror.

We went to my favorite clothing store and I told her that she could walk around, just to make sure that I could see her at all times. First, she went to the coats.

"Oooh Mommy, I love this. Don't you?"
"Yes, it sure is pretty."
"These gloves are beautiful. Do you want them?"
"No, I don't need them."
"Well, I LOVE them."

And this went on and on. Headbands, scarves, earrings. She loved them all. And since she wasn't running around in circles and in and out of the racks of clothes, I was enjoying myself. We had sales people following us, laughing, and commenting on how she was my helper. A lady stopped me to tell me how well- behaved she was.

It was an awesome sale. Maddie was behaving herself. I was on top of the world. Until I looked down.

My little helper was helping herself. To gloves and headbands. She had filled her purse.

She told me that she was just holding onto them for me, in case I changed my mind.

I told her that I didn't want to go to jail.

Her purse will remain in the car, from now on. No matter how much she might need her princess lip gloss.

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suchsimplepleasures said...

she sounds like my daughter, at that age only...i wouldn't find out about her little shoplifting habit...until all the sirens went off, when exiting the about embarrassing!
btw...your comment on my blog...that's why i like you! very smart chick! actually, i have some cute ideas for shirts that my friend and i were discussing so, if i figure out my sewing machine, then i'll make the shirts. then...i have to figure out how to use my new camera so i can put them on ebay...and my blog!!! IF!

Kellan said...

OMG - what an adorable story!!! I'm so glad you saw her treasures before you left the store and all the alarms went off! Too cute. Take care. Kellan

Rachel said...

Ha Ha Ha!!!
Absolutely darling!
We've left stores before with items in diaper bags or purses and had to go back and explain to her, the clerk, the security guard etc... :-)
Great story!
Put that princess lip gloss in the pockets :-)

Irene said...

That is so cute. I can just picture that. She really must have had the time of her life!

My 6 yo (then 5) once shoplifted a candy bar. She was chattering in the car about her candy, did I want some, she's going to save some for daddy, yada yada yada, when I finally thought - where did the candy come from? I looked back and she was proudly chomping on a stolen Kit Kat.

I made her take it back to pay for it and apologize. And I tried SO hard not to laugh, but it was funny.

Kids are great!

BookMomma said...


Anonymous said...

It is soooo much fun being a mother to girls, isn't it? So sweet that she was hanging on to things for you. Wouldn't it be great if everything worked that way?

Sounds like a wonderful shopping trip!

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