Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

Maddie has discovered something, that I wish she never had. But, at least she's no good at it. Telling lies. Yes, dear friends, my child is a liar. And a bad one, at that.

Last night, she didn't behave as well as she usually does, which resulted her getting in trouble from her daddy. Justin told me how she wouldn't listen to him, argued with him over everything, and didn't obey him, when he told her to do something.

This morning, we were all in the den, watching TV. I asked Maddie how the previous night was.

"It was good."

"Really? Did you listen to Daddy? No problems, at all?

"Yes, I was very good. I didn't get in trouble, I promise."

Justin says, "Maddie, you realize that I'm sitting right here, right? I know what happened last night."

"Mommy, just don't ask Daddy how last night was."

And it doesn't stop there. She lies about totally random things. And gets caught 99% of the time. "I put up my toys, like you told me to, but don't go in my room to see." "I need clean clothes, but I didn't get them dirty, I promise." "I tricked you!!!"

It's getting old. Fast. We've talked to her about the difference in telling the truth and telling a lie and how a lie is wrong. We've told her that she shouldn't be afraid that we will be mad at her, she should just tell us the truth. We've told her that when she tells lies, it makes us and God sad. Nothing works. Maybe I'll tell her that liars' pants catch on fire. Think that'll work?

But, like I said, she's really bad at it, so we always know when she does it. I just hope she's still bad at it when she is a teenager.

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Irene said...

Oh, I remember when my 6 yo started learning to lie. It scared the heck out of me! Still does.

One consolation....everyone tells me it is a sign of intelligence being able to lie. And, if you think about, that may be true. I just hope, because if so, my daughter is going to be one smart cookie!!!

jenipooh92802 said...

That is sooo funny, this same thing happened last night with Tory. She wanted a drink of water and I asked her if she already had a cup and she said "no", I told her I would ask her daddy, and she said "NO, NO, NO don't ask daddy" She is a very bad liar too!! They are too much alike! Love Ya!

Sarah O. said...

I have to agree with Irene - it takes intelligence to think up lies on the spot. Fortunately, this also means she'll get smart enough to figure that her lies don't work and that telling the truth is easier.

I hope!

Kellan said...

It is cute - unless you have to live with it. My niece will often say, "I forgot," or "I didn't hear you," which they know and I know to be a lie. It's sometimes too easy for them to try and lie! I hope Maddie continues to be bad at it too - that would definitely help when she gets to be a teenager. See ya. Kellan

Amy said...

I cannot believe she told that bold faced lie in front your husband.
That is SO funny!

When I know my children are lying (even when they are making up a story for fun) I study their face so I can become familiar with their "tells". Kinda like poker.

kimmie said...

Just a warning...they get better at it with age. By the time she is 12, she'll be real good!! And just when you think you have them figured out, their friends start to lie to you too. Oh the joys of being a mom, gotta laugh!!

Amy said...

We had to deal with that lately. They do become better at lying, so to nip it in the butt, we told them they would get in trouble (loss of a priviledge or something for lying) but would only have to deal with the natural consequences if they told the truth (and if there aren't any consequences, then they luck out). Since it was easy to tell they were lying it was easy to put a punishment on it. Now, my 6 yo tells me everything--almost to the extreme though. I love that he starts it off with "Mom, I am sorry to have to say but..." I always thank him for his honesty and for the most part it is never a big deal. I hope this works in the future as well (when they are teenagers).

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