Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Bare Necessities

Necessity Number #1: Coffee
Necessity Number #2: Exercise
Necessity Number #3: Naps

These 3 things help me make it through each day. If I have to give up one of them, on any given day, I tend to be a little moody. Giving up 2 or more, well, that's just not an option. Cause, it's not pretty. Trust me on this.

Last week, we needed groceries. Badly. As in, only enough coffee for half a pot- badly. So, I skipped the gym, to go grocery shopping. I went to Kroger, because FREE COFFEE. Only, the stupid free coffee machine wasn't working. Ugh. I was moving at half speed, because a.) no coffee b.) didn't exercise. Already, not a good combination.

After lunch, we have quiet time. Which means Maddie watches a movie while I read, blog or nap. Since 2 of my daily necessities were shot, I knew I needed a nap. I also knew I needed to wake up in 30 minutes, in order to get ready for work.

"Maddie, honey, I really need to take a nap. OK? So, you just keep watching the movie and be super quiet. Look at the clock for me. When the big hand gets to the 3, will you wake me up? Thanks. Love you."

And I shut my eyes and doze off.

"MOMMY! The big hand is at the 11. It's getting closer and closer to the 12. And after the 12, comes the 1, and then 2, and then 3. I'll wake you back up when it gets to the 3."

"M'kay. Only at the 3"

"Mommy, it's at the 12."

"Honey, I. Need. A. Nap." 5 blissful minutes passed.

"Mommy, I need some milk. But it's okay, I can pour it myself. Go back to sleep."

And I'm up.

I walked into the kitchen, poured her milk, and opened my freshly ground coffee beans, spilling them all over the counter. While my coffee was brewing, I started doing jumping jacks and pretending that I know how to jump rope, because that is so much cooler than jumping jacks.

"MOMMY!! IT'S AT THE 3!!!"

And since I was about to drink my coffee and had just completed more jumping jacks than I've done since elementary school, I didn't scream.

But I wanted to.

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suchsimplepleasures said...

you sound like my friend...only, she freaks if she doesn't have diet coke. and...if she doesn't get to exercise, she does all sorts of strange looking dance moves! very funny!
ok, i have a deal for come help me clean my house and then, well go clean your house...sound good? ok! i'll have a pot of coffee waiting...and, an exercise video that you can watch, while cleaning!!

jenipooh92802 said... three necessities are
1. Coffee 2. Coffee 3. Coffee!! I can not go without it! I want to get to the point where I can't go a day without excercising, just like you!

Amy said...

Your little girl is SO helpful. *wink*
Mine would go into a TV coma and never wake me up.

Want to hear my 3 necessities? Of course you do.
1. AT least six hours of sleep preferably eight. 2. exercise 3. Time to blog.
I got to get to bed, or tomorrow is going to be a rough day!

suchsimplepleasures said...

ok is ready!!! um...could you pick up some paper towels on your way? seems i'm out!!

Susan said...

O.k. the nap is me. I try so hard everyday to have a quiet time an dit never fails that one of the girls always has a problem or has to tell me something. I don't thinkI am as calm as you though.

Amy said...

Oh how funny! Yes I need a daily nap too. And it never fails, get her set up with a show, a snack and a drink and take her potty, do everything I possibly can to secure my 30 minutes. There's always something she NEEDS!

Kellan said...

I would have screamed - good for you that you didn't.

Have a great weekend - see you soon. Kellan

Rachel said...

LOL! Absolutely adorable.
I have quit my diet coke habit (4 days now!!) and I'm doing good exercising, so I know what you mean.

At least Maddie told you she was getting milk. Just imagine what you would have woken up to otherwise :-)

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Oh, my. Too funny! I feel for ya. I am just newly pregnant. again. and I am so flippin tired, I am having 2 naps a day. And coffee is making me ill. ugh. I miss it!

Sarah O. said...

Some days call for having someone else watch the kids, getting into the car alone, driving to a remote or very noisy place and SCREAMING.AT.THE.TOP.OF.MY LUNGS.

It works as well as a 3-mile run.

suchsimplepleasures said...

fine, i forgive you...i guess. the coffee didn't taste so great, anyway!! i don't know...perhaps i didn't mix it up well, i mix hazelnut and espresso...but, bleh...
have a great night!!

Nap Warden said...

Well done, way to exercise. I need to nap more...and exercise;)

Bren said...

I would have screamed. :)

Coffee is at the top of my list. I need to exercise and would so love to nap. *sigh*

BookMomma said...

You poor thing! To be that low on coffee?? A travesty indeed.
I wish I could get my son to learn his numbers faster. He's up at 5am every day, raring to go, and I am such a horrible morning person. If I could just get him to know when its too early, he might play in his room while we slept. Won't get my hopes up any time soon however!

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