Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Maddie

Maddie hit a milestone today. She turned 5.

I'm working on a birthday post that I may or may not post in the very near future. Right now, I'm simply too exhausted.

I'll leave you with some pictures of the par-tay.

The swing set arrived Friday night. The Amish man that set it up told me that he didn't need directions to my house. He has GPS. I'll let that sink in. An Amish man with GPS.

We gave her a card with a pair of gloves in it, with instructions to put them on and ask all of her friends go outside for a surprise.

The other little girl is her cousin- born 24 minutes apart.

It never ceases to amaze me, how much my life has changed since having her. She has blessed us in so many ways.

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Why, Yes- It Does Still Bother Me

I hated P.E. in elementary school. I did everything I could, just to get out of it. I would "forget" to get papers signed, just so I didn't have to go. I cleaned blackboards. I helped grade papers. I did my teacher's filing. Anything.

I was the kid that was always picked last.

I can still remember the order of kids that were picked first. Matthew, Amy, Eliot, Cindy, David, Reacie, Natalie. . . often in that order. The one guarantee was that I would be last.

I would watch the captain's eyes and could tell from their facial expressions the minute they realized they would be stuck with me. The one time I was allowed to be the captain and choose my team, kids were wanting to not be chosen by me. It was traumatizing.

Looking back, I can't blame the other kids for not wanting me on their team. I was the one picking dandelions in the outfield. I missed balls thrown directly at me. I practiced my dance routine while waiting to kick the stupid ball.

But would it have hurt the gym teacher to make them pick me third or fourth every once in a while?

Maddie loves to try to play games. But, I'm afraid she is showing all signs of inheriting my lack of athletic abilities. She gets frustrated when she doesn't catch the ball. She gets embarrassed when the bat doesn't connect with the ball. She likes to pretend she is a butterfly and flitters around the yard while we are trying to get her to play soccer. That's my girl.

And because she desperately wants to play with other kids her age, we signed her up for softball. God help us all.

I just hope that by the first game, she gets some of her daddy's athleticism. And with some practice, she won't be the kid in gym that gets picked last.

Every. Single. Time.

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Contingency Plans

Yesterday morning, Maddie looked troubled.

"What's wrong, honey?" I asked.

"What would happen to me if both you and Daddy died?"

"Well, hopefully, that won't happen until you are all grown up."

"What if it happened today?"

"I guess you would go live with Gram and Pop."

Her eyes twinkled. She got the biggest smile you could imagine on her face.


Great. Now on top of everything else, I get to worry about my 4 year old offing me and Justin just so she can go live with my parents.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Let's Go Qlubbing

I have two jobs. Justin has two jobs. Maddie goes to school three days a week. We go to a church small group meeting every other week. I occassionally help out with the 4 yo class at my church. Justin is signing up to be an umpire for the Dixie Youth T-ball league. Maddie is signing up to play in that same league, which means practice and games. And she wants to start dance and gymnastics.

To say that we are busy is an understatement.

And it's getting increasingly hard to keep up with who needs to be where and at what time. Most of the time it feels like we are running in circles and wave at each other when it's convenient. I could not imagine how families of 4+ handle it.

Which is where Qlubb comes into play. This is an online calender service that can make life so much simpler. You form your group, which could be family, team, playgroup, etc. and invite the people in your group to join.

You simply add events to the calender and every member of your group can view the events. It really does helps with the constant emailing back and forth, delegating tasks, and organizing group events.

It makes the circus we call life a little simpler. Heck- I almost want another baby, now that I've mastered the art of managing a family of three with this Qlubb thing. Surely a family of four couldn't be that much harder.

Whew! That moment of insanity passed. I'll stick with my family of three.

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Monday, January 19, 2009

What A Difference 10 Years Makes

Ten years ago, I turned 21. And I thought I had it all figured out.

I turn 31 on Tuesday. And I know I have so much to learn.

The last ten years have been amazing. And I'm looking forward to discovering the woman I'll be in the next ten years.

I fell in love and married the man that understands me, even when no one else even wats to try. And in the next 10 years, I'm going to continue to try to understand him.

I gave birth to a wonderful little girl, that seems to love me unconditionally. I'm going to try my best to be the person she adores.

I came to realize who my true friends are. I'm going to thank them more, love them better, and always be there for them like they've been there for me.

I realized that maybe, just maybe, my mom knows more than I thought she did when I was a teen. And when she gives me advice, I'm going to take it. Sometimes. If I think it's the right thing.

I loved my 20s. And after a year of being 30, I've determined that I'm going to love my 30s even more.

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Friday, January 16, 2009

One Reason Adults Shouldn't Text

I have a 13 year old niece that I adore. She recently hurt her leg and I've been texting her like crazy.

But she hasn't been texting back. I assumed that she thought she was too cool for her old aunt and refused to text back. Or that she was grounded from her phone. But that didn't stop me. Oh no. The more she ignored me, the more I texted her. "How is school?" "What time is your dr appt." "When are you coming to visit?" And so on.

Last night, I sent her one asking when she was going to write more on her blog.

This is how everything transpired.

5:54 (inbox) Hey just to let you know, you have the wrong number. Whatever. . . we've been texting tons.

5:56 (outbox) What are you talking about?

6:00 (inbox) You keep texting me and I have no idea who you are Someone must have gotten a new phone and didn't put me in her contact list.

6:05 (outbox) Silly- it's me, Chelsea. She better not be trying to play a joke on me.

6:08 (inbox) I don't know any Chelsea's. Who do you think you're texting? QUIT MESSING WITH ME! I KNOW YOU KNOW ME!!!

6:10 (outbox) You a punk with a gimp leg- that's who. Get some.

7:15 (oubox) What? No response? I'm hurt. Really.

8:00 nothing

9:00 nothing

A light bulb goes off. I was the one that got a new phone. And every time my niece sent me a new ring tone, it didn't show her name but a number. Crap. I called a stranger a "punk with a gimp leg."

10:30 (outbox) I am so sorry. I thought I was texting my niece. And then I thought she was messing with me by telling me I had the wrong number. Oops. Thanks for letting me know.

The punk hasn't texted me back to tell me that everything is ok and I'm forgiven. That's just common courtesy, isn't it?

Unless he/she is an amputee. And then they have every right to ignore me.


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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'll Take Apple

Maddie turns five in a few weeks. Justin and I discussed it and decided that we really wanted to get her something special for this birthday.

Something that she and her friends can use. Something that will keep her occupied for hours on end. Something that was pretty far out of our price range.

Fortunately, my parents, Justin's parents, and other family members have offered to chip in and let the gift be from all of us. Which is a great idea.

So Justin and I picked out the perfect wooden swingset. A 10ft slide, 2 swings, telescope, steering wheel, and a small play area. And handcrafted by the Amish.

I went to the little Amish store to put a down payment on it. It was full of quilts, hand made crafts, dolls, jellies, honey- just about everything that you would imagine would be in an Amish store.

As I was signing the paperwork, she told me that since I purchased a swingset, I was entitled to a free gift. Woohoo! My pick? I'll take the quilt. It will keep us warm when our heat is turned off due to paying for this wooden monstrosity. Thankyouverymuch.

"Next time you come in, this coupon will get you a free fried pie. We have apple and cherry."

"Umm, thanks."

Forgive me, but I seriously believe that if you make payment arrangements for a swingset that will take 24 months to pay off, you are entitled to something a little more than a $2.50 fried pie.

I left the little Amish store, knowing that Maddie's 5th birthday will likely be one of her best.

But feeling like I had just sold my soul to the Amish and all I had to show for it was a coupon for a free fried pie.

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Monday, January 12, 2009

I Hope She's Not Going To Be THAT Girl

Maddie has had two boyfriends since August. She juggles them like a champ. Zach is her school boyfriend. He eats lunch with her, pushes her on the swing, and sits with her during library time.

Ethan is her other boyfriend and I think her true love. He is the weekend boyfriend. The boyfriend she sees when the parents get together to play games, watch football, hang out, etc. They've loved each other since they were 2.

A few days ago, we were on our way home from school. She was as excited as she usually is. "Guess what, Mommy?!"


"Timmy kissed me today. He walked right across the rug and kissed me. He told me he just couldn't help himself. I have 3 boyfriends now."

I laughed it off.

The next time I picked her up from school, she had the same excited look.

"Mommy- guess what! Today, Timmy kissed me during gym. Benjamin kissed me on the playground and Easton kissed me before lunch. I've got 5 boyfriends. I love them. And during naptime, I got to sleep between two of them."

When she talks about these boys, she gets dreamy eyes. She told me that her wish had come true. Apparently, she wished upon a star for more boyfriends and now they just can't stop kissing her.

I was fine with her having 2 boyfriends. But 5 is a little much.

So we have started talking about how she really doesn't need 5 boyfriends and that she probably shouldn't let them kiss her.

Before I took her to school this morning, Justin was telling her goodbye and to have a good day. I asked her what would happen if another boy tried to kiss her.

"I guess I'll have 6 boyfriends, then."

Does anyone know of a good convent that accepts 4 year olds?

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Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday Night Epiphany

I've always been the type that likes to have something to do on a Friday night. Whether it's hanging out with friends, going to dinner or a movie- I just like to go. Anywhere.

Even when I was little, I would plan whose house I was going to visit, then finagle an invitation. And would beg my mom until she caved. Or told me to go ask my dad, whose answer was always, "I don't mind if your mom doesn't." I would always assure him that she didn't mind at all.

As a teenager, well- let's just say I went. Football games, work, out with friends, the skating rink. . . okay, Mom, confession time- we never went to the skating rink. It just sounded good. And I'm sure it was fun.

I'm afraid Maddie has the same "go" factor. When given the choice between going to a basketball game with her daddy or staying home with me, she chose the game.

Which means I have the house to myself tonight.

And I'm going to ignore the pile of laundry that needs to be put away. I'm going to ignore the Christmas decorations that have yet to be taken to the garage. I'm going to ignore the dust bunnies that rapidly multiply when I go to work.

I'm going to put on my comfy pants. I'm going to relax on the couch with whatever chick flick I can find. I'm going to relish my sweet, glorious alone time.

It's taken 30 years to figure it out, but I've had a revelation.

Staying in is where it's at. Please excuse the poor grammar. It just didn't sound right any other way.

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Gotta Run

I'm concerned. Not really worried. Just concerned. It is a concerning time we live in, after all.

Business is down. For both Justin's business and the restaurant in which I work. I'm down to working one day a week at my office job. It's concerning.

The bills keep coming in and getting larger. The paychecks are still coming in but getting smaller.

I don't deal well with stress, in general. But the best way I deal with it is working out. My mind clears and my problems seem to disappear when the endorphins are pumping.

I know this. Justin knows this. For some reason, though, I haven't been able to get motivated into working out.

So I did what I knew would motivate me. I registered for the Country Music Half Marathon. 13.1 miles on April 25.

It's exciting and it has had the effect that I wanted it to. I'm anxious to go to the gym. I am feeling less and less stressed. I know that everything will work out. Eventually.

Wait a minute. . .

Registration fees- $86
New shoes, which I will definitely need by March- $80-100
New running outfit, simply because I don't want to run the race in my grubby gear- $35-50

My shoulders are feeling a little tense. I think my breathing just quickened. I can't quit fidgeting. Great. I'm stressed again.

Gotta run. . . I'll be better in a bit.

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Monday, January 5, 2009


I don't take Maddie to many birthday parties. I let her go to the party if a) she actually likes the kid and sees him/her on a regular basis b) I like the parents and c) if I plan on inviting that child to Maddie's party.

I don't send invitations to every child in her class. The main reason is I don't want to feel obligated to going to 19 birthday parties over the course of a year. And I definitely don't feel slighted when she doesn't get invited to every party. No big deal.

Some don't feel that way.

A few days ago, she got an invitation in the mail. To the bad kid's party. I did the "yeah right" laugh and hid the invite before she saw it.

Today, as I was dropping her off at school, I saw the bad kid's mom. She was talking to another mom about the party. Oh no. . . what if she asks me if we are attending. What should I tell her?

Sorry, but no. Maddie is terrified of your child.

Will there be arts and crafts? Because Maddie told me that your little angel CUT a little girl's hair during nap time, I don't think it's a good idea to have scissors anywhere near them.

Ummm? Do I know you? It interesting that you've never spoken to me in the 1 1/2 years our kids have been in the same class.

Can you guarantee me that your child will not intentionally or otherwise hurt my child or any other child? Or me?

Maybe I would be better sending an email.

Bad Boy's Mom,

We won't be there.


Much easier.

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Glorious Tomorrow

I should be remembering all the good times we had this Christmas season. Because we did.

I should be sad that it is ending so soon. Because it is.

I should not be doing my happy dance. But I am.

Maddie starts back to school tomorrow.

And my Christmas break begins.

Disclaimer: I loved spending time with her but seriously- I'm tired. From traveling, to parties, to cooking endlessly, to playing with all of her toys, to keep reminding myself to say "Santa" instead of "I" when discussing her toys, to play dates, to plays, to everywhere in between- we both need a break. And school is just the place to take her.

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Thursday, January 1, 2009

My Promises To The World

I'm not big on New Year's resolutions. Usually, my goals consist of being a better wife and mom, exercise more, eat less, tell my friends how much they mean to me more often, and enjoy each day as it comes.

As I was looking through last year's blogs, I've come up with a list of 2009 musts.

I absolutely promise to not do this while training for the half- marathon.

I promise to be aware of my surroundings and not be caught in this situation again.

I promise to remember who is in control and to thank Him when He protects us.

I promise to give thanks at every opportunity.

If I'm left a note, inviting me to- um- participate, I promise to post it for all the world to see.

I promise to keep loving the weirdo.

Because of her, I promise to cherish every moment with my family.

2008 was a wonderful year. With family and friends by my side, I'm sure 2009 will be just as wonderful.

I wish each and every one of you a very Happy New Year. May you be blessed in ways you've only dreamed about.

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