Sunday, January 27, 2008

Fashion Faux Paux-leeezze

Last week, I bought Maddie a new sweater, which I thought was really cute. Upon seeing it, she claimed that she didn't like it. The next day, when I was getting her ready for school, she told me that she wasn't going to wear her new sweater because it was ugly.

"Sorry, my dear, but all of your other clothes are dirty. You're wearing this."

"I'll need my heavy coat. Zipped up. So nobody can see this ugly shirt."

So, I did what any smart mom would do. I zipped up her coat, dropped her off at school, and let her teacher deal with getting her to take it off.

My child is a fashion diva. She loves wearing smocked dresses that my mom made for me. She knows what shoes go with what outfit. She only wants to wear "priddy" clothes.

And, according to her, this isn't pretty. In fact, she called it tacky. It's the sweater my grandmother knitted for her and 2 of her cousins for Christmas.*

When my sisters and I saw the sweaters, we commented on how cute the owls were. And how much time it must have taken. And didn't Jenica have one like that when she was little? Then, we saw the tails.

"Oh. I mean kittens. Yep, those kittens are cute. And, look- matching purses."

I love the fact that my 80 year old grandmother took the time to make sweaters and purses for her great- grandchildren. And it infuriates me that Maddie won't even try it on, much less let me take a stinkin' picture with her wearing it. She sure uses her purse, though.

I've tried the guilt trip. I've tried bribery. I even told her that I wouldn't keep a copy of the picture, to show to future boyfriends. I just want a picture to send to her great- grandmother.

Next, I'm using threats. I'll just tell her that if she doesn't put it on for a few minutes, to take the picture, I will make sure ALL of her clothes are dirty and force her to wear it to school. Then to her birthday party. Where everyone will see her wearing it. And, lots of pictures will me made.

*Nanny, if you secretly got internet access and read my blog-I made all of this up. I love you, and Maddie LOVES the sweater. Wears it all the time. Promise. I'll send you a picture soon. If I can ever get her to take it off to wash it.

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Sarah O. said...

Interesting (and maddening) isn't it, how particular little kids are about their clothes? My daughter wouldn't let me put a dress on her from the time she was 18 months. Except for her orchestra uniform, she hasn't worn a dress or skirt in as long as I can remember.

Lord knows I've tried!

jenipooh92802 said...

OMG!!! I remember wearing it and I loved it then, at least I think I did?!?! I love getting those gifts from Nanny, even though they aren't that pretty, its the thought that counts and I can't wait to get one picture of Victoria in it and keep it to show her 1st boyfriend!!

Amy said...

"...f I can ever get her to take it off to wash it."

My daughters are addicted to Gymboree all cotton dresses and "Easter dresses", which is anything frilly. So after Easter I go to Children's Place and Gymboree and pick up enough Easter Dresses to last the whole summer. One of these years they are going to change their mind and I will be stuck with a whole slew of Easter dresses!

Irene said...

You know, my oldest used to be just like that! When she was in preschool (and even before that) she had clothes that she literally wore a couple times. My sister used to say "now who is the mom here?". Meaning I should be tougher and not LET her not wear those clothes. But I picked my battles, and this wasn't one of them.

Anyway, now, at 6, for some reason she is actually much easier. She wears whatever I set out for her without complaints. She definitely has her favorite clothes, but she isn't nearly as opinionated.

Of course, I know that will change evenutally!

Amy said...

Oh girl it is just beginning!
My oldest has to be matchy-matchy from head to toe, perfectly accessoried. The second, well she could really care less, but she is particulary attached to one pair of jeans that I swear she wears everyday. The third, definitely a diva in training picking up all the oldest's tricks. But my baby, the 3YO perfectly content to just run around in her underwear all day. Now that's easy ;)

suchsimplepleasures said...

it's times like these, when i'm my mother never took up knitting or crocheting!
love the post! i remember being traumatized by a red, white and blue crocheted sweater...that my mom made for was awful! thankfully, she gave up that short lived hobby! but...there are pictures as reminders!

Kellan said...

My Alexis is a Diva too, when it comes to clothes - I know how you feel. I love the little kitten sweater and purse - how sweet that your grandmother would knit something so special for your daughter. I wish I coul give you advise on how to get your daughter to wear it - if you figure out a way, let me know. Take care - Kellan

Janice said...

My 6 year old is a diva too. It cracks me up that they even care. When I was grwoing up we were so poor that I was lucky to have clothes that fit. What funny little girls we have.

Blog hopping today thanks, cute blog

Janice said...

i just read your profile...the hubby is in Nashville alot for work, works for a Lifepoint Hospital in Utah. And you are a runner too? i love to run..

kimmie said...

And now you know why I am sooo glad my girls wear uniforms to school. No fighting, arguing, temper tantrums, or fits. The only argument we have over clothes is whether they are clean or not. Hallelujah!!

Anonymous said...

this cracked me up,I am awaiting the moment when my 8 yr old turns into *gasp* ME and is picky with her clothes....until then I ride will just lean in to it! Good Luck!

(PS I spied your blog via Amy's Brat Pack. Thanks for the entertainment!)

Rachel said...

I thought they were frogs! :-) LOL.
OOPS> :-)

You are so cute! Thanks for the grins and the great stories!

Anonymous said...

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