Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What You Get When You Eavesdrop

I was walking along, minding my own business, when I overheard a conversation. I, being me and super nosy, paused to listen- promising myself that I could only listen for a minute, because I didn't want to get caught.

"Just get out! I don't love you anymore!" Dang! She's mad. He must've done something pretty bad.

"I'm not leaving. You leave. But you leave the babies here. With me. I love them, even though I don't love you." Aw- that's sweet. Kinda. At least, he'll take care of his kids.

"I'm not leaving them with you. You. Are. Not. The. Daddy. I love someone else. He can be the daddy now. Ha!" Wow- didn't see that one coming. This opens a whole new can of worms.

I decide that I've heard quite enough. I start to tip toe away, but I guess I made some sort of noise. Please don't look up, please don't look up. . .

She looks up. We make eye contact.

"Hi, Mommy! You wanna play dollhouse with me? You can be the daddy."

Of course, I can be the daddy. He's the one that has been raising kids that aren't his, and his so- called baby momma don't love him no more.

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cyndy said...

Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

Just My Type said...

I LOVE the way you write. You always crack me up and this is probably my very favorite post on your blog.

Soooooo funny!

MommyTime said...


What I want to know is: did Baby Daddy mend his ways? Did Baby Momma take him back? Did anyone have to call Social Services?

Anonymous said...

OMG! That is freakin' hysterical! The things kids dream up! I love it! This is truly entertainment at it's best.

So tell us. Did you end up playing?

Kellan said...

So cute!!! I never saw that ending coming - too cute!!

Hope you are having a good week - see ya - Kellan

Anonymous said...

what a twist! I can't believe that came from your little one!

What an imagination.

Irene said...

Nope, never saw it coming!

I was just about to write how I always do the same thing, and I expecting you to write that you were in a Walmart parking lot when you observed this scene.....but, nope, never saw THAT ending!


Amy said...

I love the label you attached to this post. I was kinda wondering the same thing...
Maury? Springer? Too much time at Walmart?

kimmie said...

Ohhhh Chels, what do you let her watch?? Did she go from backyardigans to Jerry Springer? Maybe you should switch soap operas? I know a great childhood counselor, just let me know, anytime. You are too funny!!

Stacy said...

LOL! Absolutley priceless!

BTW,great blog!

BookMomma said...


Also - I tagged you with a meme. Care to play?

pb&j in a bowl said...

Seriously- I don't let her watch Jerry Springer or Maury Povich. I don't know where she came up with it, but it seems to be recurring.

I did stop and play with her and her no good baby momma. It was enlightening, to say the least.

suchsimplepleasures said...

HIL.AR.IOUS!!!! that is so funny!!! she's been watching waaaaaaaay too many talk shows!!

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