Sunday, April 27, 2008

Relaxation Is Over Rated

Sunday night. After 5 really long weeks, I finished real estate school. I decided to treat myself. With my favorite pasttime.

A really hot, really bubbly, bubble bath.

The water was steamy. I had a book nearby. The bubbles were up to my ears. Eyes were closed.

Total relaxation.

"Mommy? Can I sit right here on the potty?"

"Um, why don't you go color?"

"But, Mommy, I like to spend time with you. I want to talk about my day."

How could I tell her to get out? How could I refuse to talk to her? Especially, when I haven't really spent as much time with her, as I usually do?

So, we talked. About her favorite princess, her best friend, Johnny Cash, horses, when she can visit her Gram, and God.

"Mommy- can I get in the bath with you? I won't splash."

"Sure. Hop on in."

I figured the conversation would continue. I should have known better.

"Mommy- just lay your head on the bath tub. Pretend you're asleep. I'm the mommy. Go to sleep, baby."

Taking advantage of the situation. I tried to get back to my zen- like state. I closed my eyes. My muscles started relaxing one by one.


Yep, my little darling had filled a cup of ice cold water and poured it. Right in my lap.

Next time she wants to talk- I'm sending her to Justin. It can wait.

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suchsimplepleasures said...

oh yuck! nothing worse than cold water poured over you in a hot bath!!
congratulations on finishing real estate school!! that's awesome!

MommyTime said...

Youch! And that cold water feels even colder when the rest of you is snuggled in warmth.

But congratulations on the graduation. That's fabulous.

Wendi said...

First of all....Congratulations!

Secondly, I love love love a bubble bath too. It is so relaxing. Like you, I have not had a relaxing bath in forever. Someone always needs me or wants to join me. One day I tell myself.
I have not had cold water poured on me though. Yikes! I definitely think the next time you are in need of a "soak" she should have some quality time with Daddy!!!

Christy said...

Oh my goodness! you're more patient than I am though, I would have let her chat for a minute then kicked her out before she wanted to get in the tub! That's MY time :)

Nicole said...

Sorry that you didn't enjoy your relaxing bath, but... That's hilarious. You need to go thank her for some really fun blog fodder. hehe

For me, a relaxing bath means a small amount of bubble bath but then turn on the whirlpool jets and instant lots-a-bubbles. Plus a glass of Kahlua. Plus after the kids are in bed.

Karen said...

Niiiiiice. Although it's way better than poop in the tub. I've been there and can tell you it's not pleasant.

Jenni said...

Oh, the little booger.

You're way nicer than I. I lock myself in the bathroom just to get some privacy!

Anonymous said...

Oh, joy! The joys of motherhood!

I agree. Next time let dad have the chat.

Sarah O. said...

I love your stories!

And congrats on finishing real estate school. You deserve a few days off!

kimmie said...

Don't you have a lock on your door? I bet you use it next time!! Ha ha

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