Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Truth Hurts

Yesterday, we dropped Maddie off with Justin's mom. I have school, and Justin has a work convention.

As we were leaving, I gave her a hug, and told her that I was going to miss her. Her response,

"I won't."

Dang, throw me a bone. Lie to me. Tell me you will miss me too.

At least, she's independant. . . but still. . .

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Nicole said...

At least you're able to get two words out of her, because when we drop our kids off with the grandparents, we can't even get them to say goodbye and give us hugs! I'm finally figuring out that I don't need to sniffle and pout my way out the door... instead, I just grab my jacket and RUN, mumbling "We'll see you in a week."

Wendi said...

Too funny. "Throw me a bone".
The truth does hurt, but watching them gain their independence is priceless. (especially when we can see on the horizon some "mommy" time!)

Karen said...

Ouch - watching them grow up hurts, doesn't it?

Rachel said...

That's so adorable! The truth hurts!! I've been there Chelsea. :-) But, relish in the fact that she loves her grandparents and that they want to play a part in her life. That's more rare than it should be.

noble pig said...

So funny. Why are their words always so brutal?

BookMomma said...

I'm sure she had no idea the impact of her response. It's great she's testing her independence but that had to sting. They grow up too fast, huh?

Kimmylyn said...

I get those painful answers every once in a while and I actually lose my breath for a second. But that really is all part of the parenting thing huh?

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