Monday, April 7, 2008

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

We have been trying to get Maddie in the habit of praying before bed, every night. Some nights it goes well, and she comes up with a sweet personal prayer- thanking God for family, friends, weather, etc. Most nights, she just repeats whatever we say. Some nights, she simply refuses to do it at all.

One night a few weeks ago, I was trying to explain why it is important to pray and that she can talk to God about anything she wants to. She told me that she wanted to just listen to my prayer. I thought I would use it as a teaching moment.

"Dear God, Thank you for today. Thank you for our friends and our family. Please help Maddie understand that you want to hear from her and would love to listen to her prayers. . . "

She let me finish my passive aggressive ploy, I mean, prayer and said that she wanted to pray.

"Dear God, Thank you for today. Thank you for my friends and family. Please help my mommy understand that sometimes, I just don't wanna talk to you. . . Amen."

I have no idea where she gets this passive aggressive attitude.

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Jenni said...

Oh my goodness, you have got a firecracker in that one!

MommyTime said...

This is so funny that I not only laughed aloud; I even read it to my husband -- who also laughed long and hard. She definitely has a mind of her own!

noble pig said...

She got you good my dear.

cyndy said...

lmao!!! score one for maddie!

Wendi said...

She sounds like one little girl that lives at my house. Too big for her britches. Too funny and very clever I might add. We may be in therapy together later.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! Now that is hysterical. Just the laugh I needed to start my day. But boy, do you have your hands full.

Anonymous said...

She sounds just like you did when you were growing up! How blessed I am to get to see it again in Maddie!

Adrienne and Jim said...

She is hilarious! I'm sorry I've been away from reading your blog for a while. Congratulations on going to real estate school. Jim is so glad he has his license too. Sounds like you already have a job lined up too, and the guy who wrote out the sales paperwork for our house made a good living doing so! :)

Loved the pictures of Maddie and the tulips too. So sweet.

Kellan said...

Oh cute!!! I love it!

Have a good evening - Kellan

Sassy said...


Amy said...

How funny!!

Amy said...

I love it! My 4 year old perfers to listen to my prayers too. Sometimes she will pray, but it is only to ask God things like;
why is the sky blue?
will it rain tomorrow?

BookMomma said...

That is classic!! Wow... she's a pistol huh??
Sounds like a great kid, one that will think things through herself. Maybe that will come in handy when she gets to be a teenager and her friends want her to do crazy stuff.

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