Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Third Time Really Is A Charm

I'm always looking for fun, inexpensive things to do with Maddie. Last year, we went to a Christmas play, designed for children and I was so impressed with it, I planned on making it a yearly event. So, this past Friday, Justin, Maddie, and I met my friend and her twin granddaughters at the same place, hoping it would be as good as it was last year.

I honestly can't tell you what the whole thing was about. Santa, some elves, and Frosty melting- I think. The acting was worse than last year, and the storyline was ridiculous. At one time, I thought Al Gore was going to pop out of the Frosty costume and blame all the 3 and 4 year olds for global warming and causing Frosty to melt. But the kids loved it.

We suffered, I mean, sat through the play, sang the songs, and laughed with the kids at all the right times. And looking back on it, there were some really fun moments that made it all worth it.

The first great moment was when Maddie actually sat in Santa's lap. She didn't think twice about it, once she saw her friends do it. And even smiled her real smile. She usually has this crazy "I need to be on the toilet" smile, any time a camera is near.

But, the real highlight to this outing was when my friend told Frosty his mouth looked like a giant sperm.

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Irene said...

I wonder why they need to make almost every children's play or movie "politically correct". My daughter's Christmas play this year was about being tolerant of people who are different than you. I don't remember than when I was little, but then again, that was a loooong time ago and maybe my memory is lacking.

Anyway, cute story. You are lucky your daughter sat with Santa, my 6 yo won't go anywhere near him.

Kellan said...

Yep, it does look like a green sperm! Sorry the play was a disappointment - that happens, doesn't it. But, it still sounds like a good time. Take care. Kellan

Rachel said...

The picture is adorable and yes, it does look like sperm. That's awful! LOL!

suchsimplepleasures said...

HILARIOUS!!! does!
i'm glad to know, i'm not the only one with a child who enjoys picking the lint out of belly buttons...or, just poking fingers in there!
have a great day!!!

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