Sunday, December 9, 2007

Future Rehearsal Dinner Pictures

Just a single gal- out for a ride

Scoot over, I'm a better driver.

I think I love you!!

See Ya!!!

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lattemommy said...

So cute! Great photos. Isn't it funny how when we see great pictures of our kids we always fast-forward in our brains to their weddings?

PS - Are these two already betrothed? They make a sweet couple!

Irene said...

Very cute photos! My daughters have the same exact jeep. My oldest used to drive around with a little neighbor boy and we could just see this scene being replayed about 12 years later, in a much bigger car, causing us much greater fears!

Chris said...


BookMomma said...

So cute! Too bad our society isn't big on the arranged marriages...

Rachel said...

Oh my gosh!

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