Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Dora The Devil

Have you ever given your child a gift, sure it was the perfect toy, only to despise it within days? It didn't work as well as you expected it to. There were so many pieces, it was impossible to keep it all together. You invited other children over, just so you didn't have to play with the stupid thing.

Last year, it was all Maddie wanted. Every time we went to any store, her eyes would search for this toy. If they were out, she would just explain that it was okay, because Santa's elves would make more.

The Dora cash register. Need I say more? The Dora dollars, the Swiper credit card, the microphone. Ugh. Every time we would try to ring up a pretend toy (compliments of Dora, of course) it would say the wrong thing. In English and in Spanish. For example, if the tag said bicycle, it would say bracelet. If we would tried to scan the actual bracelet, it would say tennis shoes. It. Drove. Me. Crazy.

One day, Maddie was playing with this devil toy and when she was done, she wouldn't pick up the pieces.

"If you don't put it away, I'm giving it to the girl that lives upstairs."

I really didn't want to have to give away a $40 toy, but come on. Any time you refer to a toy as the devil, you don't need it around anymore. So, I gave it away, and haven't regretted it a single minute.

This year, she wants a freakin' Princess Royal Cash Register. It's basically the same toy, only pink and purple instead of orange and blue. I'm sure the horns and tail will grow on it, as quickly as they did on the Devil Dora Register.

I told her that it might be the only toy that the elves don't know how to build.

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Kellan said...

That the elves don't know how to build - ACK!!!! That was funny! I think it's funny she wants another cash register - maybe she's going to be a future sales clerk or bank president - go ahead ... give her the cash register. It could be worse, it could be a sewing machine. Alexis wants a sewing maching - SHE IS NOT GETTING A SEWING MACHINE! Kids are too funny. Take care. Kellan

lattemommy said...

So funny! I can't believe she wants the same toy again this year! She's *really* into retail!

Amy said...

Note to self: stay away from devil cash register.
This is a funny post. I'm glad I haven't run into this yet, mostly we buy toys that we think our kids will love, and they never play with them, like the pretend vacuum. What's not to like?

Thanks for your comment. The story about your mom and the chocolate Jesus cracked me up!!
You are full of great stories.

Irene said...

Hey - my 5 yo got that gift last year! Yes, it IS possessed.

I put tape over the speaker to tone down the sound, that toy is LOUD - really works by the way. My daughter still uses it. She doesn't care that the scanner NEVER gets the item description right, she just laughs.

Maria said...

Hi there. I have a 3 year old too and I just bought her a cash register. She loves to play store with me. Hopefully her's won't be posessed! I got the Target one that looks like a real one, no characters on it. I'll let you know how it works out. Look on Amazon and they have a bunch of cash registers that don't have all the bells and whistles.

Nap Warden said...

Bummer...What do you do, buy the same painful toy again? We have managed to keep Dora out of the house...The Sesame Street gang on the other hand, all Miss Peach talks about...

suchsimplepleasures said...

oohh...good thinking. i always tell my son, when he wants something that i don't want to buy, that i'll get it for him when he gets bigger. that always worked with my daughter, too. but, now that she is bigger...almost 10...she's starting to ask for all of those things that i promised her, when she was little!!!

Rachel said...

We have that horrible thing! I despise it!! Luckily, she tried to have a store in her bathroom and now it doesn't work quite that well :-) Muuuuwaaahaaahaahaaaaa!! :-)

BookMomma said...

I am firmly convinced Dora IS the devil. And girl is LOUD too. "BOOTS! HEY BOOTS!! WHAT'S IN MY FRIGGIN BACKBACK?? HHOOOOLLLLAAAA... BOOTS??!!" And everything is a question that ends on an UP beat. I can't stand her and could not have a shrill Dora cash register around either.

Power to the elves - I hope they don't cave in!

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