Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What I'm Looking Forward To

Last night, I was telling Justin about the elderly man at the grocery store and how I was wondering what we would do, if we were in that position. I've already promised my mom that I will sew her name in all of her clothes, so no one will steal them. You know- after I put her in a home. That's about all the plans we have.

And then, I started thinking about what would happen to us.

"Maddie, you'll take care of us when we get really old, won't you?"


"What!? Well, who will make sure we're okay?"

"I'll just get a policeman."

You know what that tells me? The nursing home she puts us in will have security. Yea.

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Irene said...

THAT is too funny. That came from a 3 yo??? Funny, but also very impressive!

Kellan said...

How funny - what a funny post!! See ya. Kellan

Amy said...


I'm impressed that you are going to sew your moms name on her clothes. So generous.
My theory is the child that lived at home the longest, is responsible for the parents in their old age. Jeff and I were both the first to leave our parents houses. We are off the hook!

Rachel said...

Ha Ha! What a bright kiddo!!

Rachel said...

I love Amy's theory! I'm on board with that! DH and I were both out first!!

kimmie said...

Ha Ha Ha. Maddie is such a hoot, she has it all figured out!!

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