Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Lucy's Guide To Becoming A First Class Brat

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't remember Lucy being such a brat. You know who I'm talking about. Lucy, from Charlie Brown's Christmas. Maybe she was always a brat, but now that I have a very impressionable 3 year old, I tend to notice these things more.

Within the first few minutes, Lucy had told poor Charlie Brown that he was stupid 3 times and threatened to "clobber him on the head." Not exactly the warm, fuzzy Christmas movie feeling I was looking for when I started watching it with Maddie this year.

I thought we would be sitting down, watching a cute cartoon, eating popcorn, and she would be so enthralled with it, it would become our thing that we do every year. Nope. Not gonna happen. Here's why:

"Mommy, why is that girl acting ugly to Charlie Brown?"

I came up with several answers, all of which she could and would use as an excuse for being mean in the future. So, I pretended not to hear her.

"Mommy, she just called him stupid. Why? That's ugly to say that.Why is Charlie driving her nuts? I think that means crazy."

"I heard her, and I'm glad that you know it's mean. Let's just watch the show. I'm sure it will get better and she will be nicer."

"Mommy. What does clobber mean? She's gonna do that to Charlie Brown. Can I clobber you?"

It took about two seconds for me to find the remote and turn off Charlie Brown's Christmas. I think we'll just stick with Rudolph.

Wait a minute. Is that the movie where the reindeer mom and dad are so ashamed of their son, they try to cover his nose with coal and the other reindeer laugh at him? Great. I'm doomed, aren't I?

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lattemommy said...

Mmmm... yeah... the 60's weren't exactly progressive times. That being said, though, I'm still a fan of Charlie Brown's Christmas. Maybe when she's a little older?

Rachel said...

Ha Ha Ha!
I'm a huge fan of Charlie Brown. I use the shows with such content, as teaching moments.
We watched them and we turned out just fine :-) LOL.
Cute post, as always.

Nap Warden said...

You know, I never noticed how harsh the things I loved as a kiddo are...Good luck to you in the blog contest, I think pb&j in a bowl is a great name!

Amy said...

Yep, doomed.
Like you, I don't remember these shows being so bad when I was a kid.

We were both tagged by LatteMommy, so I thought I would check out your blog.
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