Thursday, December 6, 2007

Please Come Back, Ronald!!

Do you remember, not so very long ago, when the commercials during the morning hours were for sugary cereal, McDonald's Happy meals, and dental hygiene nightmares? It's only the first week of December, and I wish they would come back. Really. I miss them.

Now, every time I turn on a children's program, there is a different toy that Maddie just has to have. And none of the commercials are for the toys I already got her. Oh nooooo, those are so last month.

"Mommy, mommy, did you see that?!? I really, really want that! Maybe you can get it for me, for Christmas."

"I've already got your present. It's wrapped and under the tree."

"Is it that toy (doll, train, princess, dog, movie)? Oh. Well, this is what I really want. I'll ask Gram or Pop or Granny or somebody else. They would LOVE to get it for me. I know they would."

"Honey. . . That's not quite how it works."

"Okay, I'll just ask Santa. I've been really good. And he knows it. He and God see everything."

I get this all day long.

Super sugary cereal with marshmallows of every color and a free toy in every box doesn't sound so bad now, does it?

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BookMomma said...

Love your blog - I found it on Suburban Turmoil and loved what you had to say about one-upping mommies. I hope to stop by more often!

My oldest son is 3 and I'm so feeling your pain in the toy commercials. I've never had this problem before but now... it's BAD. I'm trying to stop the regular TV and just do DVDs and Noggin shows without commercials - that's how bad it's gotten here! I think I'll try to do the toy clean-out thing and see how it goes. I'll make sure to take out batteries!

Amy said...

I totally agree.
Tis the season for DVR, DVD's and Noggin.
No Commercials Allowed!

Rachel said...

Yes, Yes and Yes!!
We DVR so we can watch restricted commercials and shows :-)
I love this!!
Once again, you rock!

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