Friday, December 21, 2007


We have a very hard time getting Maddie to eat. Anything. Especially when we go out to dinner. She tells us that she wants one thing, when it arrives, she won't touch it. It drives me crazy. So when I read Amy's post, about what she did with her daughter, I knew it was worth a try. Fear. I'll just scare her into eating.

We went to our favorite local restaurant and Maddie said she wanted spaghetti. Guess what? It came and she didn't want it. Hhhmmm. Imagine that.

"Maddie, if you don't eat, your tummy will start hurting and we will have to take you to the doctor. You may have to get a shot." Ha! No 3 year would ever choose a shot over spaghetti.

"Well. . . I've had a cough. I think I need to go to the doctor." Did she just call my bluff? She's done this so many times, she knows that not eating does not warrant a visit to the doctor. Think, think, think. Got it. Get your fork ready, darling, I'm about to bring out the big guns.

"Oh, well- maybe we should just take you to the hospital. They will put a tube in your nose and feed you that way. It will probably hurt really bad. You should eat, so that doesn't happen" Just eat the stinkin' spaghetti.

"Ok, I'll go to the hospital." Seriously, what is wrong with my child?

"Mommy, did you see that man?!? He's so funny. He has a Santa Claus hat on."

"Yep, I see him. Do you know why he's wearing that hat? Because he is one of Santa's helpers. His job is to walk around the restaurant and tell Santa who is being good and who is bad. Do you want him to tell Santa that you aren't eating your food?" Take that!!!

I've never seen her eat that fast or that much. Apparently, her fear of Santa not bringing her presents is much greater than her fear of shots or feeding tubes.

And that's great, because, for today, she actually ate her lunch. I just really wish Santa was around all year long.

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Amy said...

I am laughing so hard right now. Your Maddie is one smart girl!

Kellan said...

Well - maybe it will work for a while if you tell her that he watches her all year and it might affect the presents he brings her next Christmas! That was a cute story - feeding tubes (we're such great mothers! ACK). Take care. Kellan

Irene said...

Maybe I need to try that. My 2 1/2 year old is the worst eater ever. Either she is really picky, or I have done everything wrong. She literally NEVER eats dinner with us. Well, she sits with us, but never eats what we eat. I try not to make a big deal, I try not to pay attention, but nothing works. If she hasn't seen the food before, she will give it back to you in a second and will NOT let it sit on her plate for a second.

I am just hoping that when she gets a little older, I can use some scare tactic too! Right now, I don't think she will get it.

Aren't kids fun?

Rachel said...

Princess totally would have called my bluff too! I loved reading Amy's post, too. She's such a great mom.
So are you though, I would have jumped on that Santa's helper bandwagon faster than a greased pig slips through a fence :-)
Thanks for your comments, you are always so sweet.

suchsimplepleasures said...

smart chick...that one!
hey...if i'm not able to check in, over the next couple of days...i want to wish you a happy and healthy holiday!!!

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