Monday, December 10, 2007

According To Maddie

Have you ever been around someone that knows absolutely everything? There is no doubt in that person's mind, that he or she is right and everyone else is basically an idiot. And what they are saying is so ludicrous, you want to laugh. But, on the other hand, you don't want anyone else to hear it, so you try to correct them.

You can argue until you are blue in the face, but there is no giving in. Until, you basically want to yank every strand of your hair out and run around like a fool, just to get your mind off of whatever it is you are arguing about.

Have you ever had a 3 year old? Girl? That thinks she has all the answers? I do.

On Tom and Jerry: Maddie thinks Tom is the mouse and Jerry is the cat. We've tried everything to convice her otherwise- even called her Gram. To no avail. My mom was afraid that she had been demoted in Maddie's eyes. I told her, "No, now you're just as stupid as the rest of us."

On being bi-lingual: "I know what the Spanish word for carnival is. . . FAIR!" "The Spanish word for exercise is work-out." "Angel and star mean tree-topper in Spanish." Hey Dora- Gracias.

On her imagination: Telling the lady at the cookie store:"I went to my barn to feed my cow and I couldn't find it. I looked and looked. And then I saw it. A bear had killed it dead. I cried and cried, but then I was okay because then I saw a deer, and decided it could be my friend. . . " I don't know at what point the lady stopped believing/listening to her. The nice lady said,"Wow, you really have a great imagination." "NO. It really happened. Just ask my mommy." Only in that sweet, weird head of yours, my dear.

On patriotism: Her version of the Pledge of Allegiance goes something like this- "I pledge allegiance to the flag of America. And to public stands. Dalmations under God, m and m zible. . . and just a frog." Cute, huh? Until you try to teach her the real pledge, then it turns ugly.

As hard as it may be for me and Justin, it really is easier on us to just let her think what she wants to think. She has enough of her Granny in her, that we know she will never admit that she's wrong.

So, really, what's the point?

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Amy said...

That is just too funny. I'm with you on the three year old girl. They are the authority on everything.

My 3 year old niece thought nino was Spanish for hello. She severely offended a 5 year old girl who speaks actual Spanish by saying nino over and over again, and wondering why the 5 year old wouldn't talk to her.
All courtesy of Dora.

Dawn said...

Oh my. Jude is the king of arguing. We just say, "Whatever you say Jude."

Rachel said...

Yes, I absolutely have one of these!
She was telling all kinds of 'secrets' to my mom over the weekend and then at the end of the weekend she tells her they were all lies.

Kellan said...

Too funny - especially the pledge! I think she is just asserting her independence and she will be a strong individual and a great grown-up .... if you don't lose your mind before then. You have described the way all 4 of my kids have been for the past 15 years - it is exhausting, but you learn to adjust and figure out which battles to really fight. Good luck with your know-it-all, she sounds simply adorable. Take care, Kellan

Irene said...

Yes...sounds exactly like my 6 yo. She has always been like that. Luckily though, she graciously accepts when she is wrong and apologizes....I need to learn a thing or two from her!

Anonymous said...

Her imagination and patriotism killed me!Thanks so much for sharing. Great blog!

Hey, you should join us for Flaunt It Friday! I think that your posts would contribute so much to our group.

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