Wednesday, December 26, 2007

It Happened This Christmas

Over the river and through the woods, to Gram and Pop's house we went. . . If I actually knew more of that song, it might be pretty fun to write an entire post, set to that tune. But, I don't. So, you'll just have to settle for some random observations from this Christmas.

Not so great expectations: On the way to my Mom's house, I got 3 different phone calls. The first one was from my little sister. Her youngest daughter had RSV and had to be hospitalized. The second was from my mom. My grandmother was sick and she was taking her to the doctor. My older sister was also sick and probably wouldn't be able to come celebrate with us. The last one was from my dad. He hadn't done any shopping and wanted me to help him out. I was starting to worry that this would not be a great Christmas, for anyone. Well, they released my niece that afternoon. No fever, not contagious. My grandmother and sister were given medicine. My sister was the only one who wasn't able to go to my mom's house Christmas morning. And shopping with my dad was actually lots of fun. For some reason, I always expect the worse. I think it's because it always makes me so happy when it doesn't actually happen.

Visit from Santa: The highlight of the trip was Christmas Eve night. At bedtime, my brother in law went to Maddie's bedroom window and shook jingle bells, and shone a red light at her window. We had told her earlier that if she wasn't asleep, Santa would leave and come back later. Her little eyes got as wide as I have ever seen them, when he said Merry Christmas, and HoHoHo. She started saying, "I'm asleep, I'm asleep." Then, she went straight to bed. No arguments. I hope he doesn't have plans for the next 7 or 8 Christmas Eves.

Maddie's nose: On Christmas morning, Maddie told everyone about Santa visiting her window. She told them about Rudolph's nose. Then she said "It went just like this." And then her eyes kinda glazed over and she stared into space. And, she kept doing it. She really thought she was making her nose glow red, like Rudolph's. Is she going to be the weird kid in class? She is, isn't she?

Big Gifts vs. Small Gifts: This was the first year, that Justin and I were really excited about what we, I mean Santa, got Maddie this year. Two words: Princess Bike. We just knew that as soon as she saw it, she would jump up and down, squeal in that high pitch she perfected, give us big hugs, and declare: "I know there is no Santa, and that you and Daddy gave this to me! Thank you soooooo much." Didn't happen. She briefly looked at all of her Santa gifts, and said: "Look, Mommy- I got Candy Land." Barely looked at her bike. It wasn't quite the reaction I had hoped for. I pointed out every cool thing about her bike. She really liked her puzzles. I had her put on her new princess helmet, with matching knee and elbow pads. They didn't feel right, and she wanted to do the paint by numbers thing. After lunch, it was warm enough to let her ride her bike, outside. In the end, the bike won.

Lesson Learned: While Maddie and her cousins were playing Candy Land, my dad told me that my grandmother needed me to go to her house to get things situated before lunch.

"Your Mawmaw is trying to thaw out corn, and Aunt Mary is peeling sweet potatoes."
"Aunt Mary is peeling potatoes? With a knife? But, isn't she. . . "
"Yeah." So I hurried over there. And there stood Aunt Mary. With an 8 inch carving knife, peeling potatoes. When she heard me, she turned, knife in hand, and almost stabbed me. Aunt Mary is blind. Don't sneak up on a blind woman, peeling potatoes. Or, better yet, don't let a blind woman peel potatoes, with an 8 inch carving knife.

Food: I ate the entire time I was at my Mom's house. There was an insane amount of food. My child, however, would only eat peanut butter. Again. Her loss. Oh, and by the way, if my sister says she doesn't like my broccoli and cauliflower salad, I'm gonna retaliate and say that I don't like her red velvet cake. Without even trying it. Sorry, Kim.

I love Christmas and the entire time leading up to it. I love the decorations, the music, the family time.

I really, really love that it only comes once a year.

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Irene said...

What a GREAT idea about the red light/bells outside your daughter's window! And I just laughed out loud picturing her trying to turn her own nose red!

I know what you mean about "big" gifts. We get so excited, but to them, when they are little, sometimes the two dollar gift is just as exciting. I always think I should just buy small stuff and save our money for big gifts when they can actually appreciate them!

Of course, she will definitely appreciate her bike for a long time.

Rachel said...

LOL at the blind woman and the knife.
I'll pray for your sister. We almost lost my son to RSV and we're still 1 year later fighting respiratory issues with him. I'll say lots of prayers for them.
Maddie isn't going to be the weird kid, she's going to be the writer, the creative one, the one all the kids want to play with because she comes up with the coolest games!!
We have the princess bike, too. IT's a huge hit!!

Kellan said...

It sounds like you all had a wonderful Christmas. I love the Rudolph story - how great!! Alexis had RSV when she was 5 months old and was in the hospital for 10 days - your niece was very lucky. I'm glad you had a good Christmas - we did too. See you later. Kellan

Sarah O. said...

Wow, what a Christmas! Welcome to the "sandwich generation", where you're sandwiched between kids and old folks who need your help. Fortunately, it sounds like you're a natural.

Also fortunately, Maddie's a delight. Kids make Christmas impossibly wonderful, don't they?

p.s. I'm kinda glad Christmas is all over, too!

BookMomma said...

Merry Christmas! Sounds like you had a great one - although I'm still curious about how you hid the bike on the car trip!
Try to do something fun on New Year's. You don't have to work do you?

kimmie said...

OMG!! It is so funny hearing about it from someone else's viewpoint and not rely on my own memory of this Christmas. Your broccoli was just not my "thing", although I am sure you would love my red velvet cake if you would just try it!!

I did not know about Aunt Mary peeling the sweet potatoes, I should have thought about it when she said they were hard to peel. Ha HA!!

ps. Chris is looking forward to being Rudolf for the next few years.

Suburban Turmoil said...

We got Punky a princess throne (Black Friday madness) which I thought she'd totally ignore once it was out of the box... but she LOVES it.

I told her I heard sleigh bells on Christmas Eve night and she said she could hear them, too. She RAN to bed, jumped in, and told me to tell everyone else to go to bed, too. Bedtime was so easy that I felt sad that Christmas Eve comes only once a year.

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