Thursday, February 28, 2008

Will You Be My Friend?

Last week, I was having a conversation with a friend of mine. It went something like this:

Her: I could not BELIEVE my mother-in-law did that. Is that not the meanest thing you've ever heard?

Me: That's crazy, all right. Listen to what happened to my friend, Melissa. . .

Her: Who?

Me: Melissa- another blogger.

Her: Oh- so, she's not a real friend.

Me: Ummmm, I kinda think she is. I would totally hang out with her. In fact, I consider lots of people my friends, even though we've never really met.

Her: No. Doesn't work like that.

And the debate continued.

What do you think? Am I a weirdo? Does anyone else do this? Am I out of line by considering you to be my friends, even though we've never met or even talked?

Cause, if you don't wanna be my friend- I want to know about it. But for now, I consider all of you my friends.

Like it or not.

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suchsimplepleasures said...

i don't mind you linking to all!!
and...i totally agree with you!! even though i haven't met my blog are just as real to me as the friends that i can see and touch!! in some ways, you, my blog friends, are even closer to me...because we all "talk" on a daily basis...whereas, my real life friends...i can go days without talking to and months without seeing!!
you are, without a doubt, my friend too!!! and...i would totally hang out with you!!!

Laura said...

I totally count my bloggy friends as "real"...because, my very best friend, in real life took me 10 years of communicating, email, SNAIL MAIL(even!)...before we ever met in person. How could I *not* count bloggy friends?!?

Bradley's Mom said...

I ABSOLUTELY consider the wonderful people I have met through blogging as my friends.

No doubt about it!

Isn't it grand?


Amy said...

I absolutely consider everyone I've met a friend! It's so funny how we really care about these people we have never "met". But I love this community!

Sarah O. said...

Even five years ago, internet friendship was considered weird. I really think that's changed or at least well on its way. So many people blog and say things on their blogs they might not say to non-blog friends, hence becoming close without actually meeting face to face.

In other words, of course you're my friend!

Anonymous said...

I call all the people I meet through blogging friend, whether I know them in person or not.

I'll be your friend! :)

Adrienne and Jim said...

Of course blog friends are friends. I share some of my most interesting and deepest thoughts and concerns with my blog friends. A friend doesn't have to be someone you've met in person! I would LOVE to meet all of these wonderful friends with whom I am able to share so many experiences. Like Melissa, I feel as close to my blog friends as my other friends, and some even closer!

I guess you are both for me...a blog friend and one I have met too!

Thank you for inviting me to the playgroup. I am so sad the play area is going to be gone after Friday. Owen is going to be so sad when he asks to go and I tell him it's all gone. He's not going to understand. What time is your group? We may stop by.

Karen said...

I totally consider my bloggy friends as real friends. And any real friend that has hang-ups with that just can't be my friend anymore.

janethesane said...

I consider ppl I have relationships with as my friends even if that is an online only relationship. I met my husband online though so I kind of see it differently than some.

Kellan said...

People are so confused about blogging and how and what it really is - aren't they? They DON'T GET IT!! WE ARE FRIENDS! You are my friend and I would so hang out with you too - all of our blogging buddies - wouldn't we have the best time EVER!?!

Have a good Friday - see you soon FRIEND. Kellan

Amy said...

I think blogging is just like having pen pals, except you communicate more often when blogging. It's hard for people to understand, but that doesn't make the relationship less real.

I've stopped referring to friends I've made by blogging as blog friends. They are just my friends.

Just My Type said...

I'll be your friend anyday. I think you are hilarious and that's the trait I look for 1st.

I'm not too late to be your buddy am I?


Jenni said...

I think bloggy friends can be better b/c you don't have your guard up quite as much. Heck, we're always "talking" about periods, husbands, birthing, frustrations. It's a natural progression to consider these relationships as friendships.

But I do get odd looks when I mention an online friend in conversation.

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