Saturday, February 23, 2008

Literally Speaking

Cute, huh? Doesn't look like she has a fever, does she? Well. . . she does. But, you wouldn't know it from the way she has been acting.

Yesterday, she was running about a 101 fever. And, she would not calm down. She was running around, back and forth, through our apartment.

I asked her if she was feeling better. "I'm trying." I told her that by the way she was running around and acting, it seemed like she was feeling great.

"Mommy, I'm exercising. You told me that you feel better when you exercise. I'm TRYING to feel better."

How could I argue with that?

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suchsimplepleasures said...

i see you switched to 30-something on buzz!!'re right, exercise does make you feel better...she listened to you...take advantage of that now can forget about her listening to ANYTHING you say, in a couple of years!!

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! Too funny. I always feel better after exercising... but then again, I don't usually go out and run marathons when I'm feverish either. INteresting food for thought. ;)

noble pig said...

It's totally true. Kids stay home with a fever and they have some 7-UP and some soup and watch cartoons and they are fine. I had a fever last weekend and I swear I'm still trying to get it together.

kimmie said...

Tough little cookie isn't she?

Amy said...

Wow, you've got here on board with the benefits of exercise. I need to take notes from you.

Sarah O. said...

Wow! What's she like when she's WELL?

chantelle said...

That is too funny! My youngest was running a 101 fever yesterday, too. Despite this fact, she seemed to have tons of energy.

Hope she feels better, soon!

Jenni said...

I hate when they feed our own lines back to us!

Amy said...

How cute! Gosh, maybe I should get to the gym so I can stop feeling like crap!

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