Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Losing My Mind

It's almost been 2 weeks, but it feels more like 2 years. I've been dealing with sick people for almost 2 weeks. First it was me, then Justin, and now, of course, Maddie.

I'm losing my mind.

At first, I didn't mind being cooped up. After all, I sure as heck didn't want to get out when I was sick. There was one day- yep, one whole day- when we all felt halfway normal. I even made it to the gym.

But, let me tell ya- one day is nothing, when you are accustomed to going four or five days out of the week. I feel like such a bum.

So far today, I've played V-Smile, colored, watched a princess movie, helped Maddie practice her letters, had a tea party, colored some more, played Candyland, catered to her every whim, and slowly, but surely LOST MY MIND.

Okay- now I feel guilty for even writing that. Usually, I don't mind doing any or all of the above. But, like I said, I've been forcibly cooped up for almost two weeks. My only outlet has been going to work. I never thought I'd say it, but I'm almost looking forward to it, tonight.

Maddie's not taking it very well, either. "Can we go to the Y?" No. "Can I go to school?" Not today. "Can we go to the mall? I won't touch anything." Sorry, hon. "Are you going to work tonight?" Absolutely.

Her moods have ranged from lovey-dovey, to needy, to bossy, to puny, to crazy hyper, to first- class whiney-butt.

I leave for work in an hour and a half. I can't wait. Did I just say that? Crap.

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Amy said...

I hear you and I feel your pain! Have fun at work!

kimmie said...

Makes you really appreciate being healthy, doesn't it? I feel your pain, I could never be one to stay home all the time. I gotta go, go go.

Lady P said...

Oh you are funny! I know the happy feeling of going to work and leaving a sick child or two at home with Daddy... the only thing worse than a sick child though IS a sick mother. Life doesn't stop when everyone else is healthy and mom is sick. Another one of those things you'll never read about in baby books!

janethesane said...

I went to work this afternoon even though I didn't have to just so I could get away from my sickie husband. Shhh. Don't tell him.

I tagged you today. I've been stalking you awhile and I can't recall ever commenting before. I love your posts!

Karen said...

I know the feeling well. When I was home schooling I needed time away for my sanity's sake. Hope she's feeling better soon.

Adrienne and Jim said...

I believe I can completely understand your feeling of being cooped up. When Owen first came home, I barely left the house for the first 3 months! My outlet was going to the grocery store by myself on the weekend. I had looked forward to being at home and not at work when we came home, but not being able to take him ANYwhere for so long made me feel pretty crazy too!

Now, Owen is able to go out more, and I go to the Y or for a run by myself every other day, and it's so wonderful.

I hope everyone is well soon and that you have a great night at work!!

MommyTime said...

Ahhh...my days are just like this at home. I so want to play with them, and then there are moments when I think I might lose my mind if I have to locate and print out one more coloring page of a "scary race car." I see your comments on many blogs I love and finally made it over here to check out yours. And then I seriously read through the entire archive that's on your home page -- a whole month's worth -- because you are so funny. Thanks for keeping me up past my bedtime. :) I'll be back!

Jenni said...

Yeah, you just said it! But everyone needs a break. I can't wait for warm days. That's when I give the kids a choice- play outside or take a nap.

Sarah O. said...

Ai-yi-yi, two weeks of sick kids feels like two years! Really, working part time when you've got little kids is ideal. It's good for everyone for Mom to get away sometimes.

The Egel Nest said...

It seems like everyone has either had or has the same flu that has been going around...it hit us in early January...

Don't feel bad for getting away from it all for a while :)

The Egel Nest

suchsimplepleasures said...

ugh...i know the feeling. being cooped up in the house with sick kids...ugh!!
yay for being able to escape and go to work...i'm jealous!!

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