Monday, February 11, 2008

The Best Day

Yesterday, at church, our preacher told us to think about the best day we've ever had. Was it the day you were born? The day you started walking/talking? How about the day your child was born? The day you were married? The list went on and on. Then, he said to take a couple of seconds, turn to whoever is next to you (Justin), and tell them.

Simultaneously, we said the same thing. The day Maddie was born.

Then, the preacher said that he could tell everyone what their best day was. It's today. Today is the only day that we are living in right now, might as well make it the best one possible. I decided that it's worth a shot.

After fixing Maddie a breakfast of a banana and some cheese cubes ( I know, I know- but if it's going to be my best day, I'm not fighting with her over her breakfast choices), we headed to the gym. All of the ellipticals were taken, but it wasn't a big deal. Today is my best day. I just did some free weights, until one became available. Next, I decided to stretch and do abs. Every mat was taken. Today is my best day. I found a corner that wasn't taken, grabbed one of those cheapo mats, and tried to stretch without getting plastic rug burn. Today is my best day.

I decided to shower at the gym, since I had such a tight schedule this morning. I walked in, and there were no naked old ladies standing aroung, chit-chatting. Hooray- Today is my best day. I start washing my hair, lots of sweat equals lots of shampoo, in my book. A lady calls out, "Excuse me, lady in the shower?" How exactly do you respond to that? I hoped she didn't want me to share my shampoo. "Um, yeah- over here." In her cheery voice she informs me that a water main had burst and they were shutting off the water, immediately. Today is my best day?

Ug. My hair was full of suds. I started trying to rinse it out, and the water pressure was getting weaker and weaker. Best day? I still needed conditioner. I put some in, mixed it with the soap suds, and stood closer and closer to the shower head- sure that someone with a staph infection had done the same thing. It may be my best day, but it sure won't be my best hair day, I think to myself.

We left the gym and headed straight to Maddie's playgroup. The kids were on their best behavior, the coffee was hot, and I got to hang out with some of my favorite people.

Yep, today is my best day. But, I can't wait for tomorrow.

Because a day with a completed shower can only be better.

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Pennies In My Pocket said...

Awwww I love this post! What a great sermon! Thanks for sharing!

Amy said...

Oh I have to remember this... I've got to say that to myself, EVERYDAY!

Jenni said...

Heck, any day with an actual shower when you have little ones is good, right?

My measure of a good day? What time I actually get around to brushing my teeth. 10am good, 4pm bad.

alex said...

i swear your the funniest person i know...and kinda awkward...but in a good funny awkward way.

Sarah O. said...

What a great post!

BTW, I once quit a really nice gym because of all the naked old ladies in the locker room. *shudder*

FUN-ky Mama said...

I love that theory. I really should try to use that! And I love Maddie's breakfast choice. Sounds good and healthy to me!

Dawn said...

Good times! I did notice a white thing in your hair and kept wanting to pick it out! Now I know it was dried up conditioner :)

I'm glad we were all back together again.

Sniz said...

So funny! Today is my best day! SO as you sat with your play group friends, was your hair OK?

Sarah said...

LOL that sure does sound like a good day!!!
Today in school my best friend had a dream that all three of us were pregnant! Talk about a best day ever.

Kellan said...

Great story!!! I'm glad it was a good day. Kellan

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