Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Sincere Gratitude

Since I work in a restaurant, Valentine's Day is one of the several holidays that I am required to work. And, since I think it is a made-up, stupid holiday, that forces couples to spend money on unnecessary things, I don't mind. Let them spend their money- tipping me.

And so, tonight, since I am too keyed up to go to bed, I am writing some thank-you notes to the people that made my night a success.

To the man who removed his screaming child from the table, thank you. The other patrons didn't want to hear him and this, in effect, made everyone happier. Thank you, also, for telling your wife as you were leaving, that you would be getting a babysitter next time.

To the lady who was giving a toast to her man, thank you. Thank you for not causing a scene when he, in the middle of your toast, asked for more ranch dressing. And, to the man, thank you for making me appreciate the allure of ranch.

Thank you to the 90ish couple that held hands. It made my night, seeing you still in love. And thank you for leaving waaaay before me, so I didn't have to be on the road while you were driving home.

I would also like to thank the Nashville Metro Transit Authority for putting a bus stop in front of the restaurant. It sure helps with our clientele. It also helps knowing that they are eating on a schedule, and we can hurry them out.

Thank you all of the customers who believe that nothing says romance like some Red Lobster garlic biscuits.

And, last, but definitely not least, to the little busser girl with bright blue eye shadow, thank you for stealing my last table's tip. I'm thankful because now, I know to keep an eye on you and I have told all of the other servers to do the same. I realize that you probably stole someone's social security card number, in order to get this job, but please, don't touch my money. We are on to you. Short translation: No robe mi dinero otra vez. Got it?

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FUN-ky Mama said...

In best Homer Simpson voice: "Mmmm. Red Lobster garlic cheese biscuits."
I was all happy until I read the last part. It really sucks that she stole your tip! I hope she gets fired.

April said...

That's great! My night was horrible there last night! I'll keep an eye on that busser.

cathy said...

You tell her! You know she reads this blog, that little-dirty-tip-stealer. You might have to shake her down after every shift.

Amy said...

He interrupted her toast?!? And lived?

Oh my.

Sorry about the busser, I'm glad you caught her.

The Egel Nest said...

The story of the 90 year old couple...I love that :)

I have a new feature I am starting over at the nest, please come check it out!

The Egel Nest

Amy said...

Oh, this almost made me miss the days of waiting tables. Almost.

sarah said...

Well that girl that stole your tip tell her on your thank-you note that that was a very good thing that she did! That ninty year old couple might be still living next month so tell them I said just keep living!

Hope you had a very good Valentines Day,
Love your niece Sarah

Sarah O. said...

I do hope your other tables tipped you well. I wish you you good tips always.

Rachel said...

Thank you for the giggles. As a former restaurant 'jill of all trades' and manager, no way in hell do you eat out on V-day!!
I worked at a Red L about 10 years ago. Cheddar bay biscuits *drool* :-)
Sorry about your night :-) But wonderful positive skew honey!

kimmie said...

I am so glad you know how to give thanks when it is needed. You are too funny!!

Sassy said...

WHAT??? she stole yo' money?
(that was my best Queen Latifah impression).

she a fool.

janethesane said...

Just bloghoppin' but I'll come back by. Thanks for sharing about the old people. I love hearing stories like that.

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