Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!

9 A.M. Was dressed in costume
10A.M. Already had a sack full of candy from gym nursery
12P.M. Finally convinced her that she could take off costume to eat lunch and take nap
4 P.M. Dressed again to meet friends for dinner and trick or treating. Tinkerbell and Captain Hook- how cute is that!!
5-ishP.M. At Pumpkinfest for candy extravaganza
5:30 P.M. Already starting to eat candy
7:30 P.M. Candy eating continues
8:30 P.M. And continues. Add in running around in circles, chasing Grendal, and generally acting like a 3 year old hopped up on Halloween candy
9:15 P.M. Late bedtime with threats of throwing all candy away if she doesn't settle down.
Currently: Singing/reading/calling me in her room to talk while in bed. Threats continue, but I know I won't have to throw away of her candy. Justin and I will eat it all before it gets to that.

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April said...

Sounds like you had an interesting day! She looks adorable in her costume!

Anonymous said...

Tell Tinkerbell she is beautiful! I know where that candy is going--and I know she likes taffy and other candy.

predatorsfan98 said...

Be sure and bring some Butterfinger's and Nestle's Crunch Bars to work...just tell Maddie they have vegetables in them!!! LOL! See you at work!

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