Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Career Day

Last week was fire prevention week at Maddie's school, which coincided with learning about the letter "F". Her best friend's dad came to talk to her class since he is a firefighter, and to a 3 year old, that's just about the coolest thing for a dad to be. Except a policeman, apparently.

When we picked Maddie up from school, she started talking about her friends's daddy and then we hear this: "I told my friends that my daddy is a policeman."

"But your daddy is not a policeman"

"Yes, he is. I told everybody he is."

"Why do you think your daddy is a policeman?"

"God told me he is, so he is." There was no reasoning with her. She almost convinced me that he really was a policeman.

At least when they get to the letter "P" for policeman, Halloween costumes should be pretty cheap.

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