Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Cranky- Who's Cranky??

The following actually took place at a cute little place in Pigeon Forge called "Cranky's- Ice Cream with an Attitude" Please keep in mind that this occured after a grueling day of traffic and shopping in Gatlinburg. With a 3 year old. And also remember that I LOVE ice cream. A lot. The promise of good ice cream was the only thing that got any of us through the day. The sign should have explained that all of the employees were cranky and that after visiting this fine establishment, the customers would be, too.

Me: I'll take one scoop of coffee with chocolate chunks in a waffle bowl.
Mr Cranky: We don't have coffee ice cream.

Me: Oh, it says right here that you have it.

Mr Cranky: Well, we don't.

Me: Okay. Then I'll take a vanilla with oreos mixed in.

Mr Cranky: I can't mix it in. We don't have waffle bowls or waffle cones. Only small cups.

Me: What? That's a marble slab, right? And they are called mix-ins, right? Is this ACTUAL waffle cup and cone that you have RIGHT HERE just for show?

Mr Cranky: Yeah, but I can't. Let me go see if we even have any oreos. Sigh.

Mr Cranky: (Comes back) We don't have any oreos.

Me: You're kidding, right?

Mr Cranky: No. I'm not.

Me: Just give me a kid's scoop of chocolate and that's all. Oh- and your manager's card.

At register

Mr Cranky: I have to charge you full price for a kid's scoop.

Me: Fine. Where are the spoons?

Mr Cranky: Over there. All we have are the small taster spoons. Do you still want my manager's card.

Me: Oh, yeah. Do I ever.

Mr Cranky: (Comes back to register) We don't have any of his cards left. It really doesn't matter though. We are shutting down in 2 days.

Me: And I can see why.

So I take Maddie her ice cream. And she doesn't share.

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Anonymous said...

You left out the part where the employees were all outside smoking and you were going to get the pizza out of the oven yourself...Guess who?

Stacy said...

That is hysterical...or horrible, depending on how you look at it! No wonder the are closing :)
BTW, great blog!

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