Sunday, October 14, 2007

Acrobats 101

"Mommy, I've got a great plan. I'm gonna stand on the top of the couch and jump. If I don't hit my head, you clap your hands. If I hit my head, you don't clap. Ok?"

"Um, I'm trying to look at something on the computer, but okay- go for it."

She jumps. She doesn't hit her head, so I clap. Satisfied that she won't seriously hurt herself by jumping, I go back to doing my thing. She jumps again. I don't hear crying so I clap. And again- she jumps, no crying, I clap my hands. And then, "Ow,ow,ow!!! My foot. sob. Mommy, my foot. sob, scream, sob

I jetted over to her as fast as I could. How could I be so stupid? Who lets a 3 year old jump off a couch? And clap when she doesn't hit her head? Oh, man. I hope she doesn't tell her teacher tomorrow, or her Gram or Granny. I'm. A. Terrible. Mommy.

I look at her foot. There's a little swelling. I ask her to move her toes- she holds up her fingers and shakes them. Oh, no. Did she hit her head and now has a concussion? "What about your foot? Move your foot. Come one, you can do it." She moves it a little.

She stops crying and looks at me like I'm a crazy woman. Mommy, I think my foot is okay. I'll try it again. And THIS time, clap when I don't hit my head."

Um, okay.

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