Monday, September 24, 2007

D is for Dog

Let me introduce to you to our other family member. Grendal. The hairless wonder. We got this dog soon after we got married. Family members asked, "Is he supposed to look like that?" Yes, he's a HAIRLESS dog. Strangers ask, "What's wrong with your dog? Is he sick" No nothing is wrong, he just doesn't grow hair. Only on his head, tail and feet. "Do you shave him?" NO THAT'S JUST HOW HE IS!!! The list goes on and on.

I was worried when I got pregnant how Grendal would take to the new baby. After all, he was the perfect dog. No housebreaking issues, didn't chew shoes, loved everybody. I really didn't want to have to get rid of him b/c he couldn't handle not being our only baby. He was nervous for a while after we brought Maddie home. Totally understandable. He gradually got accustomed to her and would even act as a boppy pillow while I nursed, letting me lay her on top of him. He went through a stage when he really didn't care for her when she was learning how to crawl and walk and would pull on him.

Now- they play like crazy. She says it's her responsibility to feed him. Wants to give him goodnight hugs. And he eats it up. We play hide and seek with him- he's always the seeker and does pretty well finding her.

Which leads me to this. Last Tuesday was D for dog day at school. Maddie took pictures of Grendal to show her friends. She was so proud of him and couldn't wait to talk about him. She didn't really talk to me about what her friends thought of the pictures and I didn't press. On the way to school on Thursday, out of the blue, she told me that she didn't want Grendal anymore. WHAT?!? She said that he was too ugly and dogs were supposed to be pretty.

What could I say? He really is ugly. But he is ours and we're keeping him. No matter what some 3 year old brat tries to tell my daughter.

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