Monday, October 1, 2007

Big Mouths Meet Big Ears

I'm a gym junkie. I usually work out 4 or 5 days of the week. I honestly think it makes me a better mom. I have my hour or so to get all those endorphins pumping and when I leave, I'm in a better mood and ready to face the day and the endless questions of a 3 year old.

I'm not a private person, by any means. I can usually find a way to start a conversation with anyone. However, at the gym that I've been going to for over 2 years, I know less than 10 people. And most of them work in the nursery where I leave Maddie. I simply like the time by myself. I go, get on the elliptical/treadmill/bike, plug in my headphones and hope no one talks to me. And while the other gym rats recognize me, and I them, they really know nothing about me. But here comes my secret- I know all about them. You see, I don't turn the volume on. I eavesdrop on every conversation I can.

Yes, that's right. I simply can't help myself. It all began innocently enough. I got on the treadmill, the 2 women beside me all but stop talking. Ignoring them, I plug in my headphones. What's wrong with this stupid thing? Isn't America's Next Top Model marathon on? I can't hear anything. Grr. The volume is broken. I don't take the headphones out b/c that's just asking for conversation. And I wasn't having that. Just as I was about to find a different machine, I heard this-"Well, I can't go on Thursday or Friday. I'm having my boobs done on Wednesday. Maybe next week?"

So I stayed on that machine (and found out who paid for those boobies)and the bad habit was born. I know whose son was caught with drugs and whois raising her granddaugher as her own. I also know who really, really likes her trainer.

Not all of what I find out is gossip. Some of it could prove to be quite useful. I know when and where the best yard sales are. I know which are the best preschools in the area. I even know who to call for the best bargain botox you can get.

But I can't tell you. It's classified information.

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Anonymous said...

That is so funny! Have you tried to send this stuff to Reader's digest?

Keekimmie said...

tsk tsk!! I am not so sure I am going to let my daughters read this anymore!! Ha Ha! You are hilarious!!

jenipooh92802 said...

we are soo much know me a eavesdropper...its soo much fun!! I am really just nosey!! Love ya!

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