Monday, October 8, 2007

Green Day

Maddie goes to a twice a week preshool program. She absolutely loves it. I love it. Her dad loves it. All for different reasons.

When we get home on those days, we go through her school bag to see what she worked on. Hmmm. We have a cotton ball covered sheep, letter tracing, rainbows, cheerio covered letters, paper kites, finger paintings, the list goes on and on. And this is just in one day. This does not include the other papers that show how well she behaved. This does not include the lunch menu. This does not include the phone list or monthly calender.

I'm proud of her, I really am. And I do like listening to her tell me what she learned that day. I'm just so sick of the papers. What do I do with them all? Right now, they are scattered throughout my apartment. I try to get rid of them little by little, but if she knew I was throwing them in the trash. . . Well, it would not be pretty.

So, my suggestion is this. DA, won't you please go green? At least one day a week? Or start a recycling program. Just pretend to glue on the cotton balls- oops they fell off- now run along Mary. Here you go Jimmy, why don't you try one- just look at you learning. . . Don't write names on any of the papers or projects and reuse them next year- let the next child add a little bit, and do it all over again. Just tell them there are some papers that have to stay in the classroom. If they question whether it's really their work, just give them some M&Ms. They're 3- they won't know. Really. And I don't think any parent would mind. Trust me.

We all need to do our part. For the children.

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