Thursday, May 1, 2008


I understand. Really and truly, I do.

I understand that prices for everything are going up. I understand that cuts in one's lifestyle have had to be made. I understand that eating out is now a luxury that many can not do as often as before.

I understand that the economy is a big reason the restaurant where I work is not nearly as busy as it should be. I understand why no one wants to drive. Anywhere.

I understand why more and more people order water instead of soft drinks. I understand people splitting meals, to save money and calories.

I do not understand when someone does go out to dinner and orders the most expensive item on the menu, as does his significant other and then does not tip. Anything.

I do not understand how someone can tell their server what a wonderful dinner they enjoyed and then walk out with a smile, after leaving no money on the table.

I do not understand how some parents actually teach their children that tipping is not necessary (yes, I've actually heard it.)

I don't understand. Really and truly, I don't.

Disclaimer: I'm sure that not tipping doesn't apply to any of my wonderful readers- all 10 of ya. Unless, of course, you are the jerk that had a $53.95 check, gave me $54 and needed the nickel back. If you are- don't come back, and PLEASE don't ask for me. I won't be nice.

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Karen said...

That sucks. Sorry.

And I have to confess my guilt. We once ate out at a very nice restaurant and I forgot to tip. It was that simple. We were out of town so it wasn't like I could just go back and say to give it to our waiter. I feel like crud.

pb&j in a bowl said...

Don't feel like crud, Karen. Anyone can make a simple mistake and forget. Just come to Nashville, eat in my section, and tip double. That'll make you feel better. I promise.

cyndy said...

If I'm ever in Nashville, I'm coming to your restaurant and asking for PB&J in a bowl.
You'd love me. I'm a very generous tipper for good service. I've never been a server (is that the right term?) but I know it's hard and that they rely on tips, and I'm very particular about tipping properly.

Anonymous said...

That is absolutely appalling! I cannot believe that people actually do that! Damn.

Hubby and I are generous tippers, except when the service sucks. But even then, we still tip.

What the hell is wrong with people?

Wendi said...

What a jerk! He obviously had his mind on something else.

I know... he was so blown away by his fabulous service and hot waitress he went to the car to get MORE money for the tip and he was kidnapped. That must have been it!

If I am ever in Nashville, I am definitely coming to your restaurant and eating in your section. I most definitely will leave a big tip.

Dana said...

That is really crummy. I'm the girl who always tips more than is expected because I want the server to know how much I appreciate what they do. And because I waitressed in college and people like that make me so mad.

Rachel said...

Ugh. Poor you. That's just crap.
We always tip at a bare minimum of 20% and sometimes more. Very rarely less but if you suck donkey shoes and do really badly, you might get 5%.. but I'll also leave you a note telling you why.
I'm sorry honey. If we were closer we'd come tip you huge momma tips!

Kimmylyn said...

That is terrible.. I don't understand how thoughtless people can be sometimes.

Melissa said...

Oh girl, that stinks to high heaven. I would've gotten a little bit feisty too!

Ree said...

I wish I could come to your restaurant. Me? I overtip. It comes from expense accounts and expensive cities.

Suburban Turmoil said...

I would rather DIE than not tip. I'm afraid someone will spit in my food the next time I show up...

noble pig said...

Oh that sucks. I mean I guess it could be a mistake but it doesn't make it any better. I'm sorry for you.

Irene said...

That amazes me. I really can't believe people think tipping is optional! Crazy...

Lady P said...

If my server is kind, polite and the service is ok I tip well. If the person is outstanding I am very generous with my tip and make sure he/she knows that I'm delighted with the experience. Of which the server makes up 80% of the enjoyment.

On the other hand, if I go to a restaurant, like the one I did on Saturday, and we had a different unfriendly server each time we had to request a drink after 15 minutes of waiting... then to order our meal after another 15 minutes of waiting... and the people in question are rather sour-looking and not friendly despite our best efforts... then no, I do not tip. I do not want to go back and I do not want to see them again. Perhaps they all had a lousy day but in this age of "inconvenience" it riles me up when the younger population don't feel the need to be polite or friendly. As if it is a hassle to serve. Then I think they should be encouraged to find work in another field, where they might be happier.

I doubt this applies to you though, judging by your writing wit and humour. Some people are just downright cheap and sleazy when it comes to others. Or maybe he forgot. If I ate at your restaurant and you were pleasant, which is certainly seems like! then you would be happy to see me back. I tip enough to make sure that person knows I liked her/him and to want to have me back at their table.

See you sometime? If I'm ever your way? I'll be with the annoying boy/teenager. The one who drives you and other patrons nuts. He has Asperger Syndrome though and can't help how he acts even though he really tries. He loves eating out and trying new places and food. For those who look past his annoying habits, I tip EXTRA well as a thank-you for being nice to my son in this world that usually treats him less than kindly.

Sorry so long, just a few things I wanted to say about the hard job you do and both sides of the coin!

Nissa said...

Exactly- if they can't afford the tip, then they should stay at home. Servers work too hard not to be tipped.

Also, it peeves me when people take messed up orders out on waitstaff. That's usually a kitchen mistake, and if the server is apologetic & has it fixed, THAT is good service.

I've never been a waitress, but I see what they go through.

Cathy said...

I'll be honest. There have been times I have tipped very little. I have never not tipped. The reason for tipping very little usually has to do with the quality of service, lack of the waiter/waitress comign back to verify if everything is alright and thingslike that. I actually had a waitress come after me once after leaving only a $7 tip on a $33 tab. She asked why. To which my response was...How many times did I have to get up and request my drink or how long did we wait to obtain the chips (mexican restaurant) and how many request did it take for us to obtain our check... she was pissed off. Like it was our fault she had crappy service. I'm sorry but in the 1 hour we were there she had FOUR cigarette breaks...yeah I shouldnt have left the $7 bucks but I got sick of waiting for her to come get me change..

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