Sunday, May 25, 2008

There Really Are No Words

"Loth-Dar is a small group. Founded by Ian Floyd and Jason New with the purpose of bring the sounds that they were making with the electric washboard and guitar to the public. Each jam is totally different and each show will be an experience in it self. We hope you enjoy it."

This excerpt came from the website of a "band" I saw Saturday night. Justin and I went to the club to see a friend's band play.

I'm all for intimate club settings and hearing new bands and talent. In fact, it used to be one of my favorite things. This was like nothing I've ever experienced.

This, um, group consisted of one man and an electric washboard. His opening words went something like this, "Hey. I'm one half of the band. The other guy can't be here. This is probably going to suck."

After a few minutes of watching this person that looked like Jesus on crack, we left before we embarrased ourselves by laughing out loud. We sat outside and talked and made jokes about the washboard.

Ten minutes passed. We figured that our friend was about to go on, so we made our way back to where the action was. He was still playing that stinkin' washboard.

We found some friends, made more jokes and then he finished playing. "I'm only gonna play that one song. Huh. There are still some of you here. I guess it didn't suck. Cool."

It took him ten minutes to play one freakin' song! And, yes- it did suck.

If you don't believe me, or want proof, watch this video. It was taken a few weeks before and both members of the band are present. There is also a random child that seems to really enjoy the music- if you can call it that. I wonder if that would have made us enjoy the show more?

There really are no words.

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Wendi said...

There really are no words to describe that!
I am sorry you had to endure it on your night out. ugh!

noble pig said...

Oh geez, you should have ran 100 miles an hour in another direction!

suchsimplepleasures said...

ugh!! it's almost as bad as seeing the new indiana jones movie!! at least the movie was SOMEWHAT entertaining!!
btw...such simple pleasures...gone.
rock and gone mental

Bren said...

Oh man, that was bad. What a waste of a night out.

Sarah said...

OK, I thought you were just exaggerating for the sake of a post--but, no! That is one of the most hideous things I have ever seen. And that poor child looks like he is having some sort of seizure.....!
I hope you didn't pay to see that. :-)

Karen said...

I took your word for it and didn't listen to the clip. Glad you were able to laugh about it!

Anonymous said...

Yes, there are words... but none that I'd prefer to publish on your blog, Darling!

I say you deserve another night out. What a bust!

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? Awful tone, a ridiculous instrument, no sense of any kind of rhythm, and the audacity to call it jamming? Yeech.

BookMomma said...

Don't you just hate that? You get a sitter, get all dolled up, anticipating a fine night on the town with the hubs. And it flops. Total waste.

Then you have to pay the sitter.

You'll just have to call a "rain date"!

Anonymous said...

To bad you all think inside a small little box.

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