Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Nothing Runs Like A Deere

When I started my new job, I only knew my boss and his wife. My boss is actually Justin's best friend, who is also building our house. His wife is a broker, and when my real estate license is in effect, I will also be working with her, selling the houses he builds.

He has several men working for him, each one definitely unique. But, there is one in particular, that is even more unique than all the rest.

He walked into my office, and handed me some paperwork. He turned around, and I thought, Dude, there's something green on your head.

When I was telling Justin about it, he reminded me of who whis guy was. He's a legend.

A few months ago, after his first week of working with my boss, he decided that he was going to get a tattoo. On his head.

Everyone laughed, and said that he wouldn't do it.

He did.

And, he's gotten more since then.

The one that started it all. Yes, that's a tractor on his head. And, it's baling hay.

The gray hair makes the antique tractors look even more vintage, don't you think?

And, what's a tractor without a combine? Yes, I know what a combine is. I grew up on a farm.

The one picture that I didn't get is the coup de grace. I'm mad at myself for not getting it, but I think I might have been pressing my luck with taking the pictures, in the first place.

It's a tattoo, right on the top of his head, of Bart Simpson driving a tractor.

Don't ask. I don't know. I'm not sure I want the whole story.

And, yes. My house is being built by a man we call "Tractor- Head".

Behind his back, of course. I'm too chicken to call anyone with 5 tattooes on his head anything but his real name.

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Nicole (SAHM Ramblings) said...

I can't believe you took photos of that dude's head! :)

creative-type dad said...

So did you just tell him "hey! Let me grab my camera"

Or did he offer?

Karen said...

I have never seen head tattoos in my entire life. Nor have I seen farming displayed so uniquely.

kimmie said...

Isn't he special. Can you imagine the pain that went into that, talk about a headache. It has been said that 40-50 years from now, the people with tattoos that have been so popular in recent years will be sitting around the nursing homes playing games like "Guess what my tattoo is", or "Tatts that Sag".

I really bet he has a personality that matches!! Running hard to get the job done.

Jonny's Mommy said...

That is hilarious!

Love the photos...

I can't believe a guy would do that...but..to each his own.

Kimmylyn said...

Ouch. Man that had to hurt.. but I love that he let you photograph him..

Irene said...

Yeah, I wouldn't question that guy either.

But you do need to tell - did you really ask to take photos of his head? Or is that a super-sneaky, super-telephoto type lens? And does he have any idea those photos were to be displayed on your blog for all our amusement?

Just curious..

pb&j in a bowl said...

He was in the office yesterday and was showing off his new tattoo. I asked him if I could take a picture, to show my "friends". I don't think he realized I was talking about my blog friends, though. Sure hope he doens't mind.

Wendi said...

I am not sure what I am laughing at more:
*the post
*the pictures
*or Kimmie's comments

Good times! Thanks for the laughs!

Kellan said...

"What's a tractor without a combine?" - HAHAHAHA! How funny!

Nice to see you - Have a good day - Kellan

Nicole (SAHM Ramblings) said...

Chelsea - I know you already know that you have a great blog, but I just labeled you as excellent in my book. Check out my post at SAHM Ramblings for more details!

Thanks for all the laughs!

Dawn said...

I've been thinking of getting a tattoo some day when I can think of something really significant to put on my body...

John Deere tractors? No thanks. That is so funny.

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