Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Consequence Of Threats

We were on our way to a small carnival. As is our habit, Justin and I were going over the rules with Maddie. We have discovered that if we fully explain the consequences for certain misbehaviors, she actually behaves. Novel concept, huh?

"Maddie, you must stay with us at all times. No running off. If we say no to something, don't whine and beg, because we will not change our minds. What do you think will happen if you disobey?"

"Ummm, we will go home." I really don't mind going home, Maddie. Disobey just a little. Please.


"And, I'll go to time out." Hhhhmmm. Maybe a nap for me?


"And, I'll get a spanking." Dang, she's tough.

"She drives a hard bargain, doesn't she" Justin whispered to me.

Fast forward to this morning.

I was dropping Maddie off at school. We were giving our hugs and kisses and I was giving last minute reminders to her about listening and following instructions.

"Just remember to do what Ms. W says, and go to the potty when she tells you to."

"CAUSE YOU WILL SPANK ME IF I DON'T" Yes, she yelled. But she really didn't need to because her teacher was standing about 2 feet away.

"Honey. . . just do what you are supposed to do." I couldn't disagree with her. I would lose my punishment threat. I need that threat. Please, Ms. W., understand that it's mainly just a threat. Why are you headed to the phone?

"AND WHEN YOU GET DONE SPANKING ME, DADDY WILL TOO." Just to clarify- She has never had a spanking from both of us in the same day.

"For the love of God, lower your voice. Please. Stop saying that." I was gritting my teeth so hard, I'm surprised one didn't chip.

"Bye, Mommy. I love you."

"Love you, too. Now give me a hug before I spank you."

Gotta go. Someone is at the door. . .

"Oh, hello Mr. DHS man. No- I've got everything under control. . . Just ask Maddie. No. Wait. Don't ask her. Anyone but her!"

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Amy said...

HAHA!! And I bet she totally knew what she was doing. Because they are little evil geniuses, these dang kids.

Kimmylyn said...

Oh.. I totally agree with Amy.. she totally knew what she was doing.. My son pulls stuff like that on me ALL the time.. gotta love them.. haha

Karen said...

Aren't kids just so good at embarrasing you in front of important people?

Shamelessly Sassy said...

kids. haha. that is so funny.

Wendi said...

That Maddie is a MESS!
I think you have your hands full.
Too funny!!!

Rachel said...

Chelsea, you make me laugh so hard. You and Maddie are quite a pairing my dear.
What a darling story and you tell it so well.

Nissa said...

That's great! I love how kids will interpret things and always just yell out whatever they're thinking- at the most inappropriate times!

Nicki said...

LOL... Awesome! Maybe you should get her one of those "Spank Free" T-shirts just in case anyone has any doubts?

noble pig said...

Oh funny...don't you love that! Spilling the beans...I always wonder what my kids tell their teachers.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I love it! She's so smart. hee hee

Irene said...

You know, sadly, I would bet her teacher did take note of those comments.

One of the unfortunately sides of a having special needs child is that we have so many people in her life. And they are REQUIRED by law to note all that kind of stuff. That is why I often offer very much information, I fear that someone will take something I say the wrong way. Unfortunately, it happens all the time.

But that Maddie, she is a sharp one!

Irene said...

Oops, it is early and I just re-read my post.

I often DON'T offer much information!

Have a good one!

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