Sunday, May 18, 2008

Genetics Schmenetics

Saturday, we were recruited to help Justin's mom clean out her spider house, also known as the storage shed.

It was a trip we were not really looking forward to, given her propensity to keep every blessed thing for 25 years, on the off chance it will become an antique. Which led to some interesting conversations-

"Keep that."

"Mom, it's junk."

"No- that's an antique."

"Mom? Some things aren't antiques. They are just old."

"Keep it."

It went on the trash trailer, headed straight to the dump. Unless she sneaks over to it before Monday morning and goes through our hard work and finds it.

But, I did find some treasures that she graciously let me have. Pictures of Justin when he was little.

This picture reminds me of Maddie so much, I can't help but smile. She grins in that exact same way, when she doesn't really want to smile. She crosses her arms, just like that when she doesn't want to do something. Replace the jersey with a princess shirt, straighten the hair and you have Maddie.

This is Justin's Kindergarten picture. It almost makes me cry because in one short year, Maddie will be in full time, the real deal, 5 days a week- Kindergarten. Do they still have those cheesy props? Maybe I could find a retro Astros jersey, poof up her hair, and try to replicate this picture.

This picture just makes me smile. I think he is probably in 2nd grade. Quite the charmer, from what I'm told. Don't you just want to ruffle his hair?

Hey, Justin- Larry from Three's Company called, he wants his shirt back!

After I looked through the stacks of pictures, I looked in the mirror, and tried to tame my 'fro. Then I glanced through the pictures again.

The question popped in my head- was Maddie switched at birth?

Surely, any child that we had a part in making would have curly hair, right? Go ahead- look at my profile picture. Look again at his curls.

Now- look at this

Oh well, even if she was switched at birth, I'm not giving her back. I've grown kinda partial to her.

Even if she doesn't look like me. Or him.

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Karen said...

How cute! Love the vintage shots - we get the biggest kick out of looking back at ourselves, too.

Wendi said...

You are did she not come away with curly locks?

She is precious, and I would keep her if I were you. Curls or not.

* I love the mention of Larry wanting his shirt back...priceless!

kimmie said...

Maddie looks just like Justin, except for the curls. Truth be told, you actually didn't have curls until you wanted a temporary perm just to see what it looked like, voila, curls for life. She is a chatterbox like you used to be though, or magpie like Nanny used to call you. love ya!!

Ree said...

Wait. You're married to Peter Brady???

Adorable, by the way.

BookMomma said...

From those pics she is the spitting image of your husband! But it sounds like she has your wit...

Anonymous said...

look at those muggs :-(

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