Friday, May 30, 2008

That Dang Bug Will Mess Up Your Day

Yesterday was one of those days. You know- the kind of day when you don't think you can be a mom. Much less a good one.

Two words- stomach virus.

It started at 3:30 a.m. And didn't stop for a looooong time.

When Maddie woke up, she wanted breakfast. First, it was a blueberry waffle- sorry, we're out of them. Then, she wanted a pancake- sorry, too much effort. I suggested a Pop tart. She was okay with that.

I crawled to the kitchen, looked in the cabinet, and we were out of them. I told Maddie that we were out of Pop tarts, and her response:

"Well, I guess you'll just have to make me a pancake. Just try not to throw up in it, m'kay?"

Yep- it was a long day.

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Wendi said...

So sorry to hear about your stomach bug... no sharing please!

That Maddie....she is a mess. How old is she again? 16? Thought so.

Hope you are feeling better soon!!!

Kimmylyn said...

Man, that's a tough crowd. HAHA..
Hope your feeling a little better today.

Rachel said...

Oh Chelsea, I'm so sorry darlin'.
I hope you're better soon.
That girl is too much!!

kimmie said...

I am so sorry you have been sick. I remember when I had a 2 week old and an 18 month old and I had the stomach virus and my dear husband who didn't think he could handle it anymore called Mom for help. Too bad, she was sick too. We barely made it through that one.

Irene said...

Oh yikes! Didn't you know get the notice that the stomach flu season is over? LOL! You poor thing!

Glad to see ole Maddie is showing you lots of compassion. She is a treat!!!

noble pig said...

Oh yeah, the kids know when I offer them Pop Tarts for breakfast that mommy is done! Hope you're feeling better.

Karen said...

One word: cereal.

Hope you're feeling better!

Jenni said...

She is so hilarious.

And, why oh why, do stomach bugs have to hit when it's hot and sticky. It's just not fair.

Feel better!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Hope you're feeling better now!

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