Thursday, May 1, 2008

Little Miss Know It All

Mr Men

Any throwbacks to the 80's remember these books? What about the Little Miss series? I remember reading them over and over again. Then, recording myself reading them, so I could just listen to the story.

And now, there is a Cartoon Network show. I love it. I know there is no educational value to letting Maddie watch it, but it's another one of my guilty pleasures.

Let me introduce you to the newest cast member.

Little Miss Know- It- All

Cute, huh? Don't let her fool you, though. Her attitude will likely drive you crazy.

Every time someone tells her something new, she responds with, "I already know that." Regardless of what it is.

Molecular composition of water- she knows it.

Why the grass is green, and the sky is blue- she knows it.

What she is going to be doing 4 months, 2 weeks, 6 days, and 10 hours from now- she knows.

She is usually accompanied by her parents, Mr. Tall and Mrs. Losing Her Mind. Stay Tuned.

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Anonymous said...

The Mr. Men show is now a cartoon again. my kids love it.

Karen said...

She'll be fun as a teen.

Wendi said...

Atleast your work is done for you... you won't have to teach her a thing!!! (LOL)

Anonymous said...

Holy smokes, Mama! You have got your hands full.

noble pig said...

Oh don't you love that? Now just sit back and relax and do nothing. Parenting is over!

barbra said...

I still have some of my Mr. Men and Little Miss books from the eighties. My kids like to read them! But I don't want to get started on any cartoon TV show of them, no thanks.

Bren said...

Her smile is so precious though!

cyndy said...

I didn't know there was a show about those little guys. Cool!
That kid would drive me nutso, though!

BookMomma said...

I loved Little Miss & Mr. when I was a kid. I seem to remember Arby's having cool glasses you could collect.

We relate alot to Mr. Bump and Mr. Busy at my house...

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