Monday, May 12, 2008

Junk Sale

"I got the best toy for so and so at a yard sale this weekend."

"This one house had everything you could imagine for sale. Couches, chairs, tables, even a plasma tv."

"They were having a 'anything you can get in the sack for $5 sale' "

"Do you think Maddie might need one of those deluxe wooden swingset things? Oh, wait. Someone just bought that. For $50. Oh well, better luck next time." Yeah- that one was from Justin's mom.

Every Spring, I hear about some awesome deal someone finds at a yard sale. And, every year Justin and I try our luck. Saturday was our day.

This year was different from the previous years. We had a mission. We are in the process of purchasing our first house, and we are white trash enough to decorate with yard sale goodies.

We mapped out our route based on the ads in the newspaper. Always allowing time for surprise stops on the way. But, our main goal was the exclusive neighborhood community yard sale.

So, we rolled into the neighborhood in Goldilocks, big pimpin' style and parked in the street. "This looks promising," I said to Justin.

Yard sale after yard sale lined the streets. Surely we were going to find the steal of the day. We would have our family and friends over and they would ask where we found the beautiful, anitique dining room table. We would just laugh and explain that we happened upon it one day and paid $25 for it because the owners were moving cross country and couldn't bring it with them. . .

Yeah- that didn't happen.

We didn't find a single thing. Not a table, not a lamp, not a toy, not even fake flowers. Maddie couldn't even find a toy that she felt she really wanted. That's the sign of some really bad yard sales.

Is it just me, or are people really just trying to get rid of their JUNK now? I, personally, would have been embarrased to try to sell some of the stuff they were trying to pawn off. They would have had better luck donating it to GoodWill or the Salvation Army and getting a tax write off.

I may shop at yard sales, but I have standards. And, don't try to push me into buying your junk, and believe me- that's what it is. I promise that I have no use for 8 giraffe foot stools, a dune buggy, or a one eyed Wonder Woman doll with suspicious spots.

If you do happen upon a great yard sale, and find the steal of the year- please understand that I will be happy for you. Eventually.

I'm just a little bitter now.

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Jonny's Mommy said...

That seems to be the case in our neighborhood. Our neighbors didn't even wash their junk before they put it out. It was frighteningly dirty.

You would think with the way the economy is people would want to sell something worth some money!

We just sold an antique table for $10. Sorry..didn't know you were looking.

MommyTime said...

Me too. My friends are all "look at my gorgeous mission style rocking chair that I got for $3.25" and I'm all "look at my beautiful (dented) tv-dinner tray with three legs that I got for $3!" Such is life. :)

Dixie said...

Yard sale junkies with high standards will enjoy the Dixie Highway 90-Mile Yard Sale that takes place in 13 communities in northwest Georgia on June 6-8, 2008. You can learn a little more at

noble pig said...

That's hilarious...I have never found anything worthwhile at a yard sale good deals anyways.

Lady P said...

You need to meet my sister-in-law! She can smell a good deal from a mile away...some of the things she's gotten for a song and dance...! She's a hardcore yardsaler though so I won't go out with her. She turns into a crazy woman. But she has a wicked talent for finding those hidden gems. So I tell her what I'm interested in and either give her money or have her call me to tell me where the item is.

I'm like you. I gave up on yardsales because all I ever saw was overpriced junk. Or it looked good until I bought it and brought it home - only to discover the hidden flaw that ruined whatever it was. I can't believe the stuff some people sell!!

Kimmylyn said...

Oh I sooo hear this post. I am a huge garage sailer :) but lately they are crap sales. It is terrible what people try to sell.
I watch a show that sells antiques and I ALWAYS see the people that found their $100K find at a garage sale.. WHY not me? LOL

Karen said...

I'm with you on this. I'd rather peruse a thrift store any day than drive all over creation and find nothing.

And we totally furnished our house white trash style.

Bren said...

Too bad you aren't near my neighborhood. We had a huge one last week with tons of good stuff!

Wendi said...

I never have luck at yard sales either. I have friends that swear they find "good stuff" all the time. I will stick to ebay and used furniture stores. Estate sales are usually good, if you come across one of those. Good luck!!!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I'm never terribly lucky with yard sales either. A few weeks ago, I went all over, FINALLY found what I wanted.....and it had a big ole SOLD sign on it.

Brandee said...

Keep up the good work.

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