Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Horse Is The New Princess

What is it with girls and horses? Especially 4 year old girls.

It seems like when girls are 3, it's all about their favorite princess. Then, as soon as they turn 4, the infatuation turns to horses.

And, if a princess can also ride a horse, that's even better. Especially if she can do it while wearing a ball gown.

Justin's mother adds fuel to the fire. She has already told her that she has a horse that is to be exclusively Maddie's. Her name is Grey Girl- yep, she's grey.

Maddie's hobbie horse is white. I bet you can guess what she named it. When she is playing cowgirl, Maddie randomly yells out, "Get over here, White Girl!!" I hope our neighbors don't think she's yelling at me. Or them.

Justin's parents raise and show Tennessee Walking horses. It just so happened that Maddie's papaw was showing in the ring on the weekend that they were keeping her.

Guess who was waiting for them, when he was done in the ring? Guess who wants a real horse? Guess who wants riding lessons?

Guess who got signed up for gymnastics lessons, in the hopes that she will forget about riding lessons?

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Karen said...

Oh, girl. If her grandparents raise and show it's in her blood. I'm here to tell you that the love of horses never goes away if you're born with it. Ask my husband. I sold my best friend when we got married, and now 15 years later I jumped back into it with 5 new best friends. You can distract all you want but it won't help. Sorry for the bad news.

Dawn said...

Georgia will be SO jealous. Her grandmother and Aunt Cate have horses and she has many toy horses. She really prays every day for a white horse she will name Merry Legs (Black Beauty anyone?)

How awesome that Maddie got to sit on one. Last time Georgia did, she was 18 months old!

Rachel said...

Dude, it's in her blood. Sorry hon :-)
You can tell her there are horses at gymnastics, there are! Pommel Horses :-)
She won't forget about the horses, but it might divert her attention a bit! ;-)
Great picture.

noble pig said...

I used to love them! Every little girl does.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

My Princess loves horses, and we were going to sign her up for a horseman ship class, but she told me she's too shy.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Oh, and White Girl? ba ha haaa!!

kimmie said...

Wow, what a show pic!! Where are the ribbons?? I am so glad she loves horses, we'll make her a country girl yet! It's in her blood, on both sides!! Love ya sis!

MommyTime said...

Ah, yes, girls and horses. I spent many many many hours dreaming up ways I could raise enough money to fence our (suburban) backyard and buy my own horse, just like the girls in the books. I'm sure gymnastics will work for a little while...but I'm guessing horses will come back with a vengeance by the time she's 8 or 9.

Wendi said...

"White girl" ....that is funny!

Here is hoping that the gymnastics gig works out... I dunno... she looks pretty happy upon that horse!

Kimmylyn said...

White Girl.. hahahah.. I can't even begin to imagine the stares you must get.. haha

Hope the gymnastics works..!!

Sven said...

Good Job! :)

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