Sunday, May 4, 2008

Coming To A Prom Near You

Saturday night found us downtown, in a nice, upscale restaurant. With Maddie. I know- recipe for disaster, right? It really wasn't too bad.

Mainly because it was prom night for a local school, and most of the prom- goers decided to descend upon our restaurant of choice.

And, Maddie thought all of the girls were princesses on their way to the ball.

Some of them really were very pretty. They had on classy dresses complete with matching corsages. Their makeup was tastefully done, and their hair was elegant. They sat 3 tables away from us. And, kept quiet. They must have been the "good" kids.

Maddie kept watching for more and more princesses. There was an empty table right next to ours. I assumed it was set up for more princesses and their princes. And, I was right.

If it were a tv show, it would be "Princesses Gone BAD" or "Who My Prince's Daddy?" or "I Got Some Class. For Realz."

"Maddie- look, here comes a girl that has a dress like Belle's" If Belle was 7 months pregnant, I whispered to Justin.

"Mommy, she has on clothes like Jasmine." Yep- just what we need, a teen that dresses like Jasmine. Look- her tattoo covers her back. Why wear clothes, right? I said to my prince.

"Where is knocked-up Belle's date?" Justin wonders.

"He's the one with the all white tux, top hat and cane, wearing flip flops, and smoking outside. See him?" We all craned our necks see this fine speciman. To give him credit, though, he did put out the cigarette before he got in the limo.

When I was in high school, prom was a mildly entertaining night. You got to get dressed up, have a semi- nice dinner, dance a little while, take bets on who would get pregnant, go to a field party, drink, don't drive, find a ride home, and sleep for the entire weekend. Mom, I'm just saying that some people did that. Not me. Never. Your youngest daughter, though? Yeah. Probably.

I'm pretty sure none of my classmates ever went to prom, wearing a prom dress specially made for a pregnant belly. What happened to the good ole days?

When girls got pregnant at the field parties after prom?

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Kellan said...

Yeah - really!?! I liked the tiny note to your mom - HA!

Nice to see you - I've missed everyone - hope you have been well. Take care and I'll see you soon - Kellan

MommyTime said...

This is very funny! Mostly because you somehow manage to be a little judgmental and yet reflective enough about how prom was "back in our day" that it's not too harsh. Did Maddie get that Belle was pregnant?

pb&j in a bowl said...

Mommytime- Maddie never noticed that Belle had a little Beast in her. I think she was so thunderstruck by all of the pretty dresses.

Anonymous said...

I read that! Remember I was in college at that time--and I'm not that naive! Was Prince Mongo at the "field"--I know he was present at Kim's and Tracey's? I even remember who had the red truck with the tail-gate down and the two containers with iced down booze. Love ya, Mom. P.S. Remember YOU will pay for your raisin'!!!

cyndy said...

Ya know, it hasn't been THAT long, but times sure have changed. My niece just graduated 2 years ago, and the stories she told me about school shocked me. And whereas I knew maybe 2 girls who got pregnant in high school, I swear she knew dozens and dozens.

Rachel said...

Another truly entertaining post from Chelsea, especially the last line!
Love it!!!

noble pig said...

That's hilarious...I bet Motherhood Maternity has a whole new section...Maternity Prom Dresses...ha, that would suck.

Karen said...

There are so many kinds of wrong going on there. A top hat and cane with flips? A maternity prom gown? Yikes!

Suburban Turmoil said...

Loved that note to your mom, too. :)

We should have talked more about this yesterday! Punky and I went to dinner last weekend with my parents and she freaked out at all the "princesses" at their country club. Not only was it prom night, but there was also a black tie benefit in another room. She was COMPLETELY awestruck! :)

kimmie said...

OK, lets get this straight. Prince Mongo was not at our field party. That was graduation. We went to Prince Mongo's on prom night. And I don't think anyone got pregnant. Or admitted it anyway.

About the preggo princess...There is no shame is there??

Anonymous said...

OMgoodness. Glad both you, hubby and Maddie had fun observing the princes and princesses! You are a hoot!

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