Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Half- Baked Idea

Most of my friends have more than one child. All of my sisters have 2. I have Maddie. And Grendal.

Most days, I'm fine with that.

But, there are some days, when I really, kinda, sorta think I might want another child. You know, someone that Maddie can share her secrets with. Maybe a little boy, so that Justin can talk sports and have someone actually listen. Even another girl would be fun.

Usually these thoughts are quelled when I hear a screaming toddler or smell a smelly diaper. I start thinking about sleepless nights, diapers, spit up, and mind-numbing screaming. Babies are great and all, but I'm pretty partial to 4 year olds right now. They can talk. They are potty trained. They can watch entire movies at a time, without interrupting my computer time.

My manager asked if we were planning on having any more children. I gave my standard answer, "Right now, we are having so much fun with Maddie, we are waiting to see if we want any more." And then, for some reason, I told her more about how I felt.

We discovered that we were pretty much complete opposites. I loved being pregnant, she hated it. She really likes the baby phase, I love the preschool age. I even told her that I would like to be pregnant and give birth to a fully functional 4 year old. I would settle for a 3 year old, though, if it was potty trained.

And, an idea was hatched.

We decided that I should get pregnant, give it to her for the first 3 or 4 years, then I would take over.

Then, I started thinking about how I would have to UPS my breastmilk to her. And, that I would miss the first time it rolled over, cooing, crawling, pulling up, the first steps, and well- everything fun that a baby does. Would she take pictures of the first time it eats solids? What if it called her "ma ma"? I couldn't handle that.


Someone hand me a baby's butt to wipe- I'm getting that feeling again.

Just joking, Justin.

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FUN-ky Mama said...

...or you could just go with that feeling......
BTW, I think Grendal is cute!

Kimmylyn said...

It took me forever to get on board of the idea of baby number two.. Thankfully it has worked out that baby #2 was so much easier than baby #1.. :) LOL

kimmie said...

I totally know the feeling. It was probably a good thing that I had my girls close together, because if I had a few years to toss it up in the air, there would only be one. I love my girls being older, but remember that first time you held Maddie, or touched her little feet, that absolute joy that cannot be described. #2 is easier, because you know what you are doing, but...

MommyTime said...

Hmmm... How about we start some kind of baby co-op? Like where a bunch of women who love being pregnant (I'll volunteer for that phase) do that part, and then twice as many women as that take turns with the midnight feedings so everyone gets some reasonable sleep, and then some people do the baby-toddler time, and others take preschoolers, and someone elses (heaven help them!) deal with high school. Oh, wait, isn't that called small town in the 19th century? Why can't we bring that back? It would make it so much easier to contemplate having another if there were a whole co-op network to help out.

Rachel said...

Ha Ha Ha :-)
Love it.
I love having the two. It's a change, but it's so fun.. plus they adore each other and they have a built in playmate!

Irene said...

Although it gets crazy, I think it is worth every second. My two girls absolutely adore each other and have so much fun playing together. They are a little more than 3 years apart, but are the best of friends. I remember once when my husband and I were watching them play he said - yeah, that was the best thing we ever did (having Kallie).

I remember reading somewhere that the best gift you can give your child is a sibling. In our case, that is definitely true.

Just remember, the crying, butt wiping, baby stuff lasts only a couple years and is over before you know it. But then they have each other for the rest of their lives!

Not to push you or anything.....just my opinion!

noble pig said...

Ya know with the blog world the way it is you post pictures and video...I think you could do this...go for it and tell me how it works out. I might be willing to try this as well.

Amy said...

Sometimes I think I want another one... and then I check my head for bumps!

Kellan said...

I went through wanting another baby all the time - I don't anymore, of course - 4 kids later. It is true, though - that baby #2 is often a lot easier than the first - or ...... they can be worse. I've mostly heard, better. Take care - Kellan

April said...

You are constantly changing your mind! I miss you, like a lot, there is no one fun to talk to in the day, but I actually like working in the day better, wierd! So, i'm thinking you should switch shifts!

Karen said...

You can change my boy's diaper any time you need to. Seriously.

BookMomma said...

I'm with kimmie. If I had more time to think abut it I would only have one!
I was really upset when I found out #2 was coming when #1 was only 10 months old. It took me a few months to get on board, but now I feel really bad I EVER begrudged #2. I feel he has made us into a true family. Not only did we get another son, we created this amazing relationship - brothers! And he was waaayyy easier than #1. Not sure if I'm more confident in my parenting abilities or if he's just more chilled. Probably both.

It's a tough decision that will probably waffle back and forth a thousand times before you settle. Whatever you decide will be the right choice! Only you know what you are willing to take on, or what you are willing to change. But I do recommend it. I never thought I could be so radically changed... again!

suchsimplepleasures said...

you have to do what works for you!! if you only want one kid...then you should only have one kid!! don't listen to everyone who dishes out advice...it'll only drive you nuts!!

jenipooh92802 said...

I love my two with all my heart! And I would love two more, but after #2 I am really thinking really hard, if we can afford hospital bills for jumping off the table or bed like my #2 has been doing. #2 was not as easy as #1--I would love to see you have another one!

Adrienne and Jim said...

I've wondered if you've ever thought about having another child. Go with your gut...do you really want another one or just feel like you should have another one because your friends have 2?

Well, if you really like being pregnant, I'm always looking for a surrogate! :O)

Suburban Turmoil said...

1) Two are really hard.
2) Two are really fun.
3) Whatever you decide is the right choice.

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