Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Least Favorite Part

It was a beautiful day that just screamed for the zoo. So, my best friend, Christie, and I packed up the kids and went.

We let Maddie and Ethan run ahead of us, only calling out if they got too far ahead of us, while we leisurely strolled behind. They had a blast. Life was good.

As we were getting close to finishing the loop, I started praying. Please don't let them see it. Please send a squirrel or something for them to chase, so they run right past it. Just LOCK the gates.

There is a part of the zoo, that every parent dreads. I always try to avoid it, but Maddie smells it, and I have no choice. No- it's not the concession stand. It's the petting zoo.

Home of the best groomed goats in Nashville.

Christie muttered under her breath, "This is my least favorite part of the zoo." "Mine, too."

And I felt a little bad about lying to her. Sure, the petting zoo is bad. And gross. And full of stinky goat pellets. But, it's not nearly as bad as what we were about to do.

Take two four year olds to the ginormous (yes, that's a word) playground. 66,000 feet of playground. I've been to this playground before, with both kids. And, something bad happened.

But, that was last year, and I had another adult with me. Surely, the kids will stay together, and we can keep an eye on both of them.

You guessed it.

Hearts pounding, eyes searching, mouths screaming ETHAN!!

Bless his heart, he was just as scared as we were when his mommy found him. Crying and walking alone.

But, not so scared, that he didn't do it again.

I think the second time really got to him, though.

As we were leaving, Christie told me that Ethan is banned from the zoo playground, until he is eight.

I think she may have a new least favorite part of the zoo.

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Bren said...

Oh, how scary! FWIW, I hate the petting zoo too. It's just nasty.

Bren said...

Oh yeah, I tagged you.

noble pig said...

Oh geez, my kids have never been to the petting zoo and never will. It's gross. I have a friend who's daughter went into kidney failure and a coma from an E. Coli infection from the petting zoo...those animals just gross me out!

kimmie said...

What you failed to mention is that you grew up on a farm. Yes, with cows, and a goat, and rabbits, and ducks, and etc. Maybe you should let Maddie go to the petting zoo, it seems to be in her blood. ;) Love ya sis!!

Karen said...

Been there. Not proud of it. At least petting zoos are caged in and safe.

Amy said...

Wow! That is scary. A playground that big at the zoo has got to result in A LOT of lost kids.

MommyTime said...

Wow, if you hadn't clearly indicated otherwise, I'd say you lived near me. The Detroit Zoo's playground is simply the WORST ever -- not only huge, but multi-stage, so it's possible to be in the toddler area and unable to see at all what's going on in the preschool zone... Nightmare cite. I HATE IT! We avoid it like the plague, take extra long walks around building we don't have to circumvent, really, just to prevent walking past the gates. It's terrifying, even with two of us to keep eyes on two kids. Whoever designs playgrounds like this should have to eat his/her way out of a giant maze of cheese as punishment. Blindfolded. With a crying child on the outside who just wants her mommy.

*end of rant* I'm very sorry this happened to you too.

Sarah O. said...

When my kids were little I really, really wanted to get one of those kiddie leashes everyone thinks are inhuman.

HA! I was so right!

p.s. I never got one.

FUN-ky Mama said...

I guess I'm a weirdo.
I love petting zoos. I'm all out there petting and brushing with the kids.
I also LOVE goats.

FUN-ky Mama said...

I guess I'm a weirdo.
I love petting zoos. I'm all out there petting and brushing with the kids.
I also LOVE goats.

Sarah said...

I luv the Nashville petting zoo besides all the nasty pellets everywhere! Ethan and Maddie are both so much fun to play with i don't know why you didn't want to take them in! By the way you did grow up on a farm.
Luv Ya:)

girlymom4 said...

Ugh! That is scary! It made my heart race just thinking about it!

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