Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Another Awkward Moment Featuring Me

I love going to the zoo. It's one of my favorite things to do with Maddie. It's also the perfect playgroup meeting place. We've had some scary moments at the zoo, but we always go back for more.

The last time we met at the zoo, I had an intensely awkward moment. I'm bringing it up because of Lindsay's recent posts about moms and dads having playgroups together. I have no problem with moms and dads having playgroups together. However, our playgroup started out with only moms, and we kept it that way. Mostly because we are good friends, and the group is as much for us, as it is for the kids.

There were several moms that couldn't make it to this particular playgroup at the zoo. The three of us that did go, made our rounds through the playground and to see some of the animals. We were on our way to the carousel when we saw the husband of one of the moms that we usually meet with. He told us that since his wife couldn't make it, he decided to bring their daughter.

This dad, in particular, is a super nice man. And, interesting in a slightly weird hippie way. Has long curly hair, wears beat up Birks, and has the smell of perpetual incense. Nothing against any of that, I'm just trying to give you a visual.

We all thought it was great that he would do that. We, as a group, made small talk, rode the carousel, and decided to walk to the elephant pavilion. Halfway there, the other two moms bailed. Decided they wanted to go eat.

Maddie and the other little girl were the only ones that really wanted to see the elephants. So, the dad and I started walking. Maddie and her friend were in the middle. Maddie grabbed my hand, then her friend's. Her friend then grabbed her daddy's hand.

We looked like a little family. But, we weren't.

It was a strange feeling, knowing that other people probably thought we were the parents. I tried to wiggle my hand from Maddie's, but she wasn't having it. I tried to get her to stop, so they could walk ahead of us. Nope.

We were walking along, the four of us still holding hands and, Is that. . . Oh crap, it is. Does it look like I'm on an illicit play date? Yep, I'm pretty sure it does. Great.

"Hey, guys! Funny seeing you here. . . Yeah, we're here with some friends. . . See ya later."

It was my husband's best friend and his family. They walked away, with his friend glancing back curiously at us. Yeah, good times at the zoo.

I did what any wife would do. Covered my tail. Quickly. I called Justin as soon as I could, and told him that no matter what Marc said, I WAS NOT having an affair with one of Maddie's friend's dad.

Especially not the hippie one.

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Irene said...

Sorry, it may have been awkward, but it was also HILARIOUS! Especially with the visual of you with a hippie-type. I can't imagine what your husband's friends were scandalous....LOL

suchsimplepleasures said...

i would have SO called my hubby immediately...
it does paint a funny mental picture, though...the whole situation!!

Nissa said...

Hahaha! How very Murphy's Law. The one time you hope you won't be seen, you're seen- by your husband's friend! That's hilarious! You poor thing!

Dana J. Tuszke said...

My goodness, I would have done the same thing. My husband would have laughed, he finds uncomfortable situations hilarious.

I can imagine the awkwardness, even if it was something so innocent as the friends holding hands and just so happening to grab a parent's hand, too.

Kellan said...

Now, that is a funny story and would be so hard to really explain! Cute story.

Thanks for the prayers for our baby - we hare hoping for the best, obviously, and we appreciate all the prayers! See you soon. Kellan

Rachel said...

Oh honey. That is too cute. I went to a movie once with my SIL and BIL (hubby's bro) she went to the bathroom and He and I were standing there in line and we saw an employee of his and a coworker of hubby's. Yep, the next day it was all over that small town that my BIL and I were on a 'date' Um. NOPE. I married the nice, good looking one. NOT that one :-) It all got straightened out, but I know exactly how you felt!!!

Amy said...

This is so funny, in a "I'm glad it wasn't me" sort of way.

As the wife of a SAHD, I want to thank you for hanging out with the SAHD. My kids have lost some great friends because their moms don't include my husband. It's very sad to me.

Karen said...

Oh, no! That's hysterical. I would have been terribly uncomfortable as well.

WillThink4Wine said...

Isn't it interesting that while doing something completely wholesome and innocent, people have to be concerned about what a gossiper may read into it?

In my business the majority of my clients and co-workers are men. There have been times throughout my life that I have found myself in certain situations and I just sit back and watch the wheels grind in their heads. Hysterical!

noble pig said...

That's funny and makes you feel completely stupid and NAUGHTY for no reason!

Sarah O. said...

How funny! I bet the hippie dad totally grooved on the situation.

FUN-ky Mama said...

I had something similiar happen to me a few months ago. Except, the Dad was the way cool owner of a local tattoo shop, and the girls tried to get us to sit on one side of the booth at McDonald's, and the girls on the other! It was pretty funny.

MommyTime said...

It's awkward, but it's also funny. I love that you called your husband as if word would somehow leak across town to him before dinner time or something. :) I've just spent a most enjoyable 1/2 hour reading your whole main page. Can't wait to come back!

Jenni said...

Oh no! That is so funny. I can't imagine my husband holding hands with two kids and another woman and not feeling incredibly uncomfortable. Sounds like hippie man was not clued in!

So what did your husband say?

Toni said...

Of course you run into the best friend...of course!

I came via The Egel Nest.

Suburban Turmoil said...

Well I have to say that knowing who you're talking about makes it even funnier!!!

Good times...

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