Friday, March 28, 2008


Tomorrow, I'm going to do something that I haven't done in over 8 years. And, to be honest, I'm a little nervous.

I'm going back to school.

It is a real estate school that holds a course every Saturday and Sunday for five weeks. And, one really good part about it is that I didn't have to pay for it.

Justin's best friend is a builder. He needs someone to write out the contracts for the houses that he sells. So, he asked me if I would be interested in it. Ummmm, yeah.

I had been worried about what I would do, job-wise, when Maddie starts school full time. This would be perfect if I can make it work. And, I really pray that I can.

There are some main differences in my going to school this time, as opposed to when I went to college.

I don't think I'll be boozing it up before class. I won't be worried about what I'll wear to the next party. I won't be more concerned about guys than grades.

I will study. I will make this work.

I do have a few concerns, though. Math is my definite weak point. I tend to stop listening if something doesn't interest me. Will this interest me?

My biggest concern right now, though, is the time of day that the class is scheduled.

It cuts right into my nap time. And, that could mean trouble.

For everyone.

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noble pig said...

When I got my second degree, it was a cinch because it was my choice. You will do great! And you will love it.

Karen said...

What an opportunity! I've found that you do much better in school as you get older. You realize the value of education. Or something like that.

Dawn said...

Wow you go girl! I'm glad for you.

Are we still on for Monday?

Sarah said...

I am so excited for u! U talked to me about it on our way to Pump it Up and I was wondering when u were going to start.

Irene said...

Good for you!

But during nap time? Yeah, that is a tough one!

BookMomma said...

Horray you!
That's very brave and such a great opportunity! I know what you mean about the math... it's THE reason I don't have a degree right now. I couldn't bear taking dummy math (that didn't even count as a credit) for the third timme becasue I couldn't pass it!!
Keep us posted and good luck!

Sarah O. said...

Cool! This sounds perfect. Except for the nap part.

Anonymous said...

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Amy said...

Maybe you can petition for nap time at real estate school. You might find more people open to it then you expect.

Good luck. You will do great.

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