Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What's The Point?

Justin and his friend were looking at something on the computer, when Justin said, "This is Chelsea's blog. Have you seen it, yet?"

I smiled a little, because it makes me happy that he looks for the comments, almost as often as I do.

Then, I hear something from his friend, akin to fingernails on a chalkboard, "What's the point of a blog?"


How could I explain it? I racked my brain.

Umm- entertainment? That's a start, but it is so much more.

Do I tell him about the friendships that I've developed with people across the country? What about how it sometimes just feels good to write it all down? And, when you do, the knowledge that someone else has probably gone through something similar, and is there to offer support or advice. How about the need to brag or complain about your child?

I read blogs because I like to- whether it is a parenting blog, cooking blog, or whatever blog. I write because it makes me think. I try to write about things that other people can relate to, and if they laugh at my expense, all the better.

And, that thing called "comment crack"? Totally addictive.

There was no way that I could explain all of this to Justin's friend. He was too busy getting his fantasy baseball team ready.


Fantasy. Baseball?

What's the point in that?!?!

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creative-type dad said...

(I'm feeding your comment crack addiction...)

I never understood the fantasy baseball thing. It's like D&D, but for sports.

This Military Mama said...

I don't understand any fantasy sport game at all!

My husband asked me the same thing when I told him I was going to start a blog. He thought it was a lame house wife thing.

Now, because of my blog, I have won a few things...he doesn't roll his eyes at me anymore. Now I'm getting other mom tips on things he does the shrug and nod.

The icing on the cake? He blog cause he can get recent pictures of his daughters and what is going on with us while he is deployed.

The point of a blog....sheesh!

noble pig said...

So funny. A few years ago I asked the same question about a blog..and's drugs...but I still ask about Fantasy Football!

Irene said...

Oh I have BTDT. My mom was trying to explain to my aunt about what a blog is and why my sister and I are so into it. No matter what we said, my aunt still looked at us like we were half nuts. I guess it is hard to understand unless you have lived the blog life for a while.

My husband's side of the family doesn't know about my blog. I don't write anything about them, and I know they would love to hear the kid stories, but I also feel that I would also start getting those questions and that look of complete bafflement as I tried to explain the blog world. So I just decided they are better off left in the dark.

Rachel said...

If you don't blog... you won't get it.
That's pretty much all there is to it :-) My hubby may not totally understand the friendships, but he gets the blogging and why I do it, and how much I enjoy it. :-)

Amy said...

Okay so I play fantasy baseball too! My husband loves to read my blogs and even meanders on some of my links but he doesn't really get it. And his friends are not allowed to know about it, otherwise I would have to have comment moderation on overload!

Kimmylyn said...

A fantasy sport.. kinda like imaginary friends no? LOL

Karen said...

There ya go. It's so like a fantasy sport.

Only we make real friendships where as they just have a good time. Or not.

MommyTime said...

All of the above. It's for connections, an outlet, fun, fantasy, exploration, all those things and more. So much better than fantasy sports because sometimes you even get to talk on the phone with bloggy friends -- see fantasies can come true!

It is funny how hard it is to explain to someone who isn't really interested in blogging, though, isn't it?

Sarah O. said...

1. I didn't realize that you and Creative Type Dad were bloggy pals!

2. Women really do blog a lot more than men do. Interesting.

Nicole said...

Comment Crack - I hadn't heard that, but it's almost as bad as my stat crack addiction. I don't have a large following but I still regularly log on to see where I'm at. And yes, I die for the few comments I get.

DH and the blog - He gets it and actually was encouraging me a few years ago to start one because I love to write. But I'm not good about starting things by myself so it was a miracle when I finally decided to give it a whirl! But my friends think it's silly... THEY don't get it!

Fantasy sports - In 1992 or so, we started playing Fantasy Football, one of the first year it was around. Even before the other fantasy sports came about. Instead of watching one football game each week (Bears), we had reason to watch EVERY FRIGGIN GAME. It brought our relationship closer and I could hold my own in a which-quarterback-is-better bar fight... 'cause I knew my stuff! And we still play each year!

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