Monday, November 10, 2008

True Love Part II

Remember Zach, the love of Maddie's life? He's the boy that Maddie talks about every day. The boy that Maddie sits beside at lunch, plays "mommy and daddy" with, and hugs and kisses every chance she gets.

He's the boy that broke her little 4 year old heart on Friday.

He told her that he wanted to marry Alisa instead of her.

I knew the day was coming. The day that I would have to comfort her because some boy hurt her feelings. I had no idea it would arrive a mere 4 years after she was born.

Justin and I talked to her and told her that there would be lots more boys and friends in her life before she gets married and that maybe Zach wasn't the one.

That night, her prayers went something like this: Dear God, Thank you for today and for my friends. Please let me have blonde hair like Alisa, so Zach will love me again. Amen.

It broke my heart.

I want to tell his mommy what her precious little Zach did. But I won't.

Unless it happens again. And then- it's on.

Like Donkey-Kong.

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LemonySarah said...

Poor Maddie! I hope she's OK.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I think she should go all Carrie Underwood "Before He Cheats" and smash up his tricycle.

Patricia said...

My little niece experienced the same thing at 5 years of age. Her little man is now in her kindergarden class and is planning to marry someone else. I had a heart-to-heart with my swea pea and told her to enjoy her little world and that auntie will take care of that little boy when he grows up, and if she still wants to marry him then, I will see to it that he does.

Aunties are good for that kind of thing. She is happy and free from the stress of it all because I'm watching over it for her. I told her that is my job and HER job is to have fun.

Like you, though, I've had to restrain myself from lurking at the playground and chatting up the little fellow, who obviously can not see his path laid out before him.... ; )

Carrin said...

I say, Zach's loss! Maddie is obviously too good for him!

kimmie said...

I am so sorry. You had such a good son-in-law while it lasted. I've had many, lost one last week, but he is still around. In fact, he knows he lost a good thing, and will be back, I am sure. Tell Maddie that there are many more Prince Charmings out there. Love ya!

Terri said...

Poor baby! Heartbroken at 4... I agree with dysfunctional mom - go for the trike! That'll teach him! :)


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