Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's Inherited

My child has to be the pickiest eater in the entire world. No question about it.

She comes by it honestly, though.

When my husband was young, he hated all vegetables (and still does, to this day). His parents had the rule of finishing everything on your plate. He didn't want to.

When his parents left the table, he began stuffing his veggies in the door jam. Every day for two weeks.

And then, the smell came. The ants arrived shortly thereafter. His parents were not happy understatement of the year. But- they didn't try to force him to eat veggies anymore.

Maddie will eat mashed potatoes. But not the good kind. They have to be her daddy's instant potatoes. When offered homemade mashed potatoes, she said "I only eat Daddy's, NOT old lady kind." She will eat a few kernels of corn. That's it for vegetables.

Fruits are great. She loves fruit. Bananas, grapes, apples, and mandarin oranges. Wait- that's not that many. She will not eat peaches, pears, watermelon, cantaloupe, etc.

The only type of meat that Maddie will eat is a random hot dog or chicken nuggets- but only from Wendy's. She won't even try it.

Waffles, cheese, crackers, yogurt, cheese pizza, and biscuits round out the remainder of what she will eat. It's frustrating to say the least. On the positive side, she only drinks milk and water. She hates soda and tea. And her apple juice has to be watered down or she won't drink it.

A few days ago, she asked me if we were having turkey for Thanksgiving. I told her yes and asked if she would try a bite.

"No. I was just wondering if we were going to have it."

"But everyone eats turkey on Thanksgiving. Don't you just want to try a bite?"

"No. 'Cause God made the turkeys, and I'm not hurting anything that God made."

Apparently, I have a four year old vegetarian that doesn't like vegetables. I'm thinking it might be a Waffle House Thanksgiving.

And I'm okay with that.

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noble pig said...

That's hilarious. My 6 year old is the same way but his list of approved foods is even shorter and he has no reason for not eating them.

Rachel said...

Oh Chelsea. Oh my stars! I'm giggling so hard and I'm so sorry that I am, but damn woman. She's got a fairly good diet going on there. :-) Independence is something we crave for our children and yet when they combine it with strong will, it takes everything we have not to shake it out of them ;-p LOL.

Bwahahahahahahhaaa :-)

Kimmylyn said...

Oh man do I know your pain. My four year old is the PICKEST eater in the world. Today he will love pizza, tomorrow he will throw it on the floor swearing he has never liked it "ever".. lol..

I don't force food, but my thing is that you don't get dessert if you don't eat part of the meal.. and that usually works.. usually is the keyword

Nissa said...

Melodie's exactly the same.. but she gets her pickiness from me, I guess.

creative-type dad said...

I'm trying hard to break my daughter of her picky eating.
I know far too many adults that are picky and they're horrible to have over for dinner or parties.

They don't get invites anymore. I'm considering including my daughter on that list if she doesn't shape up soon.

MommyTime said...

That is so funny! I'm sorry you're struggling with that. I know how hard it is. Good luck!

LemonySarah said...

Awwww, Maddie's a sweetheart! A sweetheart who's quite challenging at mealtime, but a sweetie just the same.

Ree said...

We had International House of Pancakes one year. It rocked.

Jaime said...

That's so funny! Sounds like she's pretty set on what she will and will not do.

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