Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's A Shame

I'm a failure. A quitter. When the going gets tough, well- I'm gone.

Okay- enough self deprecation.

But it's pretty much the truth in this circumstance.

I took my real estate license out of commission. I never used it anyway, so what was the point? And I owed the real estate commission over $750 by December 1 if I wanted to keep it. I'd rather give my child a Christmas.

I had moderate aspirations of becoming a real estate mogul in this itsy-bitsy town I live in. I planned on decorating my house room by room using only my commission. I wanted to succeed.

I didn't get a single listing. I didn't get a single client. And to be completely honest, I didn't really try to make it work.

I should be on some realtor's Wall of Shame board.

When I signed on with the construction company I work for, it was understood that I would be getting the listings for the houses they built. But then this whole economy thing happened and they stopped getting loans to build houses. I can't list a house that isn't there, now can I?


So now, I'm feeling like I don't really have any options- career wise. Except to continue waiting tables for the rest of my life.

And that's really NOT an option.

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Rachel said...

Oh Chelsea, I'm so sorry darlin'.

The economy is definitely taking a bite out of just about everyone right now. I don't think you're a quitter, sounds to me more like you're a reasonable person and a loving mommy.

You might be able to get back into real estate game later. Don't beat yourself up. Something will come along.


kristine said...

Really don't give up. A agent I know who has done really well for herself , had a later start. She got her lic. in the 80's, days before the stock market crash. So she never sold a single house. She had 4 kids & life went on. She made the kids her career super involved in their schools, sports, dance etc.Around 96' she went to work for a real estate office. And has been one of the top sellers. She knew every young family wanting to buy their first home. Every empty-nester wanting to downsize. People found her, people knew & trusted her. So yes, the economy will return & along the way view everyone you meet as a future client!!!
Hang in there!!

Thistledew Farm said...

Really chickie - one little economic resession and you're hitting the road....I think you should refer to this as a creative break....when the market turns get your license back and get out there. People are still making babies and those babies are going to need somewhere to live.
This to shall pass....

DysFUNctional Mom said...

You're so not a failure! Well established agents are having a terrible time right now, of course someone just starting out is going to struggle. Maybe you can go back to it when the timing is better.

Patricia said...

Everything we do in life is a learning experience and takes you to another place you might never have ended up at otherwise. How can that be deemed a failure? You won't know for a long time, possibly, what doors your license opened!

You are already looking to the future and planning to not stay in waitressing. Real estate took a back burner for now because of the downturn in the economy.

Broaden your horizons; what else is out there that you enjoy? Try dreaming and then take out the "can't" and replace it with "why not?" and see where it takes you.

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