Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Duck On Broadway

I love reading to Maddie. If it's the right book. And the right book makes all the difference.

Fortunately, Tennessee has a wonderful program that gives one book a month from birth until the child turns 5. Most of them are great books, but there are some that I dread reading. Inevitably, those are the ones that Maddie wants read over and over.

We have found a happy medium. Team Mom sent us three books from The Secret Mountain collection and I'm oh, so happy with them. Each book came with a cd that goes along with the book. I'm in love.

My favorite book/cd was A Duck in New York City by Connie Kaldor. There is this little duck that has big dreams of doing a ducky dance on Broadway. Despite all the nay-sayers telling him he couldn't do it, he believed he could and with the help of a truck driver named Big Betty made it all the way to New York.

The cd is hysterical. It is comprised of all the songs the duck sang on Broadway, including Slug Opera and If You Love A Hippopotamus. And the best part about it is they are easy enough for your child to learn and the lyrics are included in the book.

Another great Christmas present idea from me. You're welcome.

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Marla said...

how great is this program!!! i'll have to look for that book because i have a book issue can't ever find enough great books!
thanks for the tip!

Kimmylyn said...

That really is a wonderful thing that TN does!!! And that sounds like such a cute book esp because we go to NYC all the time.. :)

Thistledew Farm said...

Thanks for the suggestions - I love to read to my daughter and she has become a great reader - the drama in her voice is a joy! Read the Skippie John Jones books when you get a chance - they are fun!

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