Monday, November 24, 2008

O Blingity Bling

Four months ago:

Maddie: What are you doing with our Christmas tree?

Me: We are getting rid of it. I don't want a rinky-dink Christmas tree in our new house. We'll get a new one when the time comes.

Maddie: But I love this tree. I wanna keep it forever and ever.

Me: Look, I'll buy you a brand new Christmas tree of your very own if you let me keep packing and getting rid of junk. Go do something.

Two weeks ago:

Me: Are you sure this is the one?

Maddie: Oh yes, it's perfect.

I now give you the most bling blingingest tree in all creation.

P.S. The ahem real Christmas tree is in the office.

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Kimmylyn said...

You are the coolest.. I wish my mom let me have a great tree like that... and look at her smile!!!!soo pretty!!

The Guider said...

the kids do like the bling!

melissa said...

now a tree to be envious over!!! love it! want one!!

Gram said...

It's just what I would have expected! I love it!! I need a copy of that picture to show her great-grandparents! Love, Gram

Rachel said...

LOL. Adorable.

Princess has that tree too. She just asked me "Mom, how does that little girl have my tree?"

ha ha ha ;-) Cuteness!

Carrin said...

How cute! She looks so happy! Iwish my parents would have let me have a tree in my room.

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